Archive: October 2011

The Future Membee Forum

What is a Future Membee Forum?  It’s an opportunity for you to tells us what you think of our ideas.  Future Membee is an area in Help where we will post our plans for future enhancements or other topic areas where we want your input and feedback.  We will post topics, plans, or questions and …

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New Western Membee User Group Forming

Thanks to Linda Kitchen and the staff of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce a new Western Membee user group is forming patterned after the Ontario Membee User’s Group. This group is open to any interested Membee user in Western Canada or the U.S. The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce will host the first meeting …

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Planes, Trains, Automobiles

All great ways to get to the Ontario Membee User’s Group meeting on October 27-28, 2011 in Guelph.  The members of that group take the time out of their busy schedule and use all means of transportation (planes, trains, and automobiles) to get to the meeting.  Past meetings have included sessions that provided participants with: …

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