Archive: November 2012

It Is the Season of Giving! Collect Donations in Events

The holiday season is a time of year when charitable giving and philanthropy is top of mind for many.  Did you know that you can use Membee Events to make it easy for your members to donate to a favorite cause?  Collect donations for all types of funds like: Scholarships or Bursaries Building Funds Political …

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Membee Events – Easy Click and Drag Event Layouts

It is easy to customize the online display of events in Membee.  Simply check a few checkboxes or click and drag sections in the Event Layout and Display Tab.  Customize layouts on an event by event basis based on the type of event.  Layouts for your annual golf tournament or dinner can be entirely different …

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Announcement–Update to Events is Coming Monday!

We are thrilled to announce that the update to events is coming Monday!  No more sneak peeks at things you will be able to do – now you can do them! We have put together an article that will walk you through some of the changes and provide links to new documentation about how to …

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