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Are you or fellow staff members new to Membee?  Or perhaps you are a veteran Membee user and would like a bit of a reminder of what the best practices are with key features inside of Membee.  In 2014, Membee released 11 major updates, one every  4 to 5 weeks. Looking for the easiest way …

Are you or fellow staff members new to Membee?  Or perhaps you are a veteran Membee user and would like a bit of a reminder of what the best practices are with key features inside of Membee.  In 2014, Membee released 11 major updates, one every  4 to 5 weeks. Looking for the easiest way to incorporate ALL those new features  to create a better member experience and exterminate administrative time wasters?

Invest a minute to sign up for Membee’s FREE webinar series. After an action packed hour with a Membee expert, you’ll have everything you need to launch something new!


Check Out 8 Information–Packed 1 Hour Webinars!

There are 8 in the series and each are about an hour in length. We go through the knowledge you need to launch the feature pertaining to that session’s topic. You can attend just the one that you are interested in, or you can attend all of them. You can come once, or as often as you like.

Stop Doing Work! Automate MembeeMembee can save you time! In this session we'll show you how you can gain back the time you are currently spending getting your renewal invoicing done, following up on overdue invoices and even cancelling/suspending your members.  We'll also show you how you can take advantage of Membee's powerful automated event marketing features to promote your events.  With Membee's automated features, you'll look like a star.
Grow Your MembershipJoin us and see how you can use Membee's automated new member sign-up features to help grow your membership.  In this session not only will we show you how easy it is to get a new member sign-up form on your website, we'll give you some great ideas on how you can use this feature to engage your members right away by not only selling membership, but making it easy for new members to register for an event or make a donation at the same time they are signing up for membership.
Increase Member RenewalsRenewal Billing is the backbone of your organization (without members you don't have an organization!).  Join us and see how Membee makes it easy for you to get your invoices out the door, how Membee's eBilling feature will help you get paid faster and how you can further engage your members by giving them options such as signing up for an event or making a donation at the same time they pay for their renewal.
Keep In Contact With Your MembersGood communication is essential and Membee provides you with a number of different ways you can get those emails out the door, painlessly.  Join us and learn how you can integrate with email marketing heavyweights MailChimp and Constant Contact to produce and deliver your newsletters, how you can easily send quick emails to members, groups or committees and Membee's own system emails make sure that all your important communication (such as your invoices) are delivered.
Control Access to Member’s Only FeaturesWith being a member of your organization, a perk you can give your members is access to the member’s only content and/or Membee features you have implemented on your site. Learn how to notify and control access for your members.
Look Like An Event Planning Genius!Want to manage your events in one place and have them displayed on your website? Membee’s events feature is a one stop shop. Learn how to launch the event calendar on your website, how to set up an event, and how to report on the registrations you receive.
Setup Your Own Directory To Display Your Members On Your SiteLearn about some great ideas of how you can customize and utilize the directory in ways you may not have thought of. From highlighting certain listings, display of special offers from your members and advanced searches, the directory is a great tool to promote your members.
Empower Your Members To Keep Their Information Up To DateWith the Profile widget, you can allow your members to update their own information. This allows your members to log in online where they can view/edit/update their own information. Save time and have the members update the information for you!

Here are some of the great things that are included with each session:

  • Easy to register!
  • Reminders are sent to you of the upcoming session you registered for
  • When you register, the materials related with the session are emailed to you
  • LIVE expert Membee staffer to answer questions you have on the topic being covered
  • Attend as often as you would like
  • It’s only about an hour in length
  • Following each webinar, we’ll send you a note asking you to rate the webinar’s effectiveness for you
  • Updated content to reflect the continuous evolution of Membee

The webinars typically run from Monday to Thursday from 3 pm to 4 pm EST, with one per day. If you miss a session, no worries as they are repeated every two weeks. We also offer the same presentations for on demand viewing as well so if you are unable to attend, you can view them at your own leisure. Diploma-Graduation-Cap

Register In Less Than A Minute! Here’s How:

Whether you are a new-“bee” or a Membee whiz, to learn more and to check out the line-up of sessions, dates, and times, check out the Training Options page on membee.com. All you need to do is choose your favourite session(s) and register (it takes about a minute).

What if I can’t attend the session? No worries, we thought of that! If you are unable to attend, click here for the on demand view of the presentations. Remember to have your Membee login handy.

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