Archive: April 2015

4 Tips for Success With Your Next Major Event

We hear all the time how Membee’s Events functionality makes it possible for organizations to increase the number of revenue generating events executed successfully in year. Sometimes, the member event business is a volume game where the benefit to your organization and to your members comes through the sheer number of events you offer to …

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Guest Post: An Invitation From A Membee Users Group

This week, we’ve handed over the controls of the Latest Buzz over to Kathryn Newell, volunteer chairperson of Membee’s most active user group who has some pretty cool news. Take it away Kathryn! Greetings All, Our group was formed nearly 14 years ago with simple objectives: To maximize our use of Membership Manager (Membee’s predecessor …

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Sometimes, You Just Can’t Beat a Spreadsheet

Since the creation of the first electronic spreadsheet for the PC (VisiCalc) way back in the early eighties, one could easily argue that for certain things, you simply can’t beat a spreadsheet as the best tool for a wide range of data manipulation tasks. A spreadsheet's ability to display data in a meaningful, visual manner …

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