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Membee’s Event’s widget now offers a responsive design! What is a responsive design? Where can you get one? Membee can help! Learn more on this week’s Latest Buzz blog post!

Membee’s Event’s widget now offers a responsive design! What is a responsive design? Where can you get one? Membee can help! Learn more on this week’s Latest Buzz blog post!

Membee’s Events widget now has a responsive design, meaning that Event purchasers can now easily register for your events from their smartphone. This is the future, and here’s why.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design means that your website/features works on your pc, tablet and mobile device by adjusting the content to fit the screen that it is being viewed in.

The benefits of having this are:

  • No added cost; all the widgets are already included as part of your subscription cost
  • No need for an App to be designed
  • You can maintain on the website

To enhance the visitor experience, your entire website should use a responsive design. If you would like to learn more about responsive design, here’s a link that contains some great information:

Mobile Devices are the Future

Wonder no more if mobile marketing is important because we now know that it is!

According to, in less than two years, a smartphone could be your member's only computer. The gist of the article is that advances in technology both now and in the future are positioning smartphones as the "go to" device for consumers. Existing device sales data bears this out with smartphone and tablet sales soaring, desktop and laptop sales flatlining.

In 2010 adult’s used the internet on their mobile devices on average 0.5 hours a day, in 2015 that number reached up to 2.8 hours a day, this is highlighted in the graph below. People are using their devices for internet browsing, shopping, working, and in 2015, 49.5% of emails were opened on a mobile device.

Mobile devices are easier on the go, so if you want to maximize your reach to your members and potential event attendees, having a responsive design is vital.


If your website has not or is not shifting over to a responsive design, you’re losing out on many new members and potential event sales!

With the amount of time people spend on their devices, 85% say a mobile website should be better than the desktop site. This is saying a lot considering many organizations are falling behind the trend and have yet to implement a responsive design.


Make your members and event attendees happy with a great mobile site!  According to the Huffington Post, if a website has a responsive design that is easy to navigate, 67% of people are more likely to make a purchase, this is highlighted in the chart above. These numbers are incredibly important if your organization relies on membership sales, and event sales.

Don’ t miss out because your website isn’t evolving the way your organization is!

Mobile Friendly Design

With the Membee’s Event’s widget now being responsive, and your website now too, any visitor that is accessing your Event can use their PC, tablet or smartphone to do so. This makes it substantially easier for your event attendees to book an event ticket, enter information, and check out their Event Itinerary!

In short, Membee’s Event’s widget now simply adjust to the size of the screen the visitor is using. The great thing about responsive design is that you maintain everything in one spot – you don’t need to develop or maintain a mobile site or app. Having a single website that works everywhere offers significant savings over creating multiple native mobile apps and provides your visitor with a great experience.


Not Responsive? We Can Help!

If your website is not yet using a responsive design and you’re ready for it to be, look no further!

You may or may not know that Membee provides complete website development services. We develop modern, responsive, and member friendly websites only for Membee clients. With a few hundred membership websites under our belt, we know exactly what makes an effective and appealing membership site.

We offer two fixed-priced website development packages that are built in the world’s most popular content management system – WordPress

If you’re interested in learning a little bit more shoot us an email at

When Can We Get It?

NOW! The new responsive design for the Event widget was a part of Membee's latest update that launched over the weekend. The detailed documentation, all the movies, and step-by-step instructions are written and up on Membee! For some extra help and information visit our help pages over at Help From the Hive, links below:

Set Up the Event Widget to Use a Responsive Design

Quick Start Guide – Get Up and Going in Minutes

Psst…Don’t Forget!

Membee’s Directory is already responsive! Click the link below to learn more!

Membee's Directory Gets Powerful New Advanced Search, Mapping Features & Mobile-Friendly Design

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