Archive: January 2017

Data Import Feature Offers Data Updating Flexibility

Have you ever needed to adjust a member’s information after an import? Or needed to add a billing period to members who didn’t yet have one? Read this week’s blog post to learn how Membee utilizes the magic of a spreadsheet, allowing its users to adjust things at their leisure.

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Upcoming: Membee User’s Meeting – June 2017

Membee’s User Meeting is a longstanding, self-organized group of energetic Membee users that meet annually to make sure Membee is working hard for their organizations. Use this post to learn more about the group, why you need to be involved, and the details regarding their upcoming meeting in June, 2017.

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Major Features Coming to Membee in the First Half of 2017

Membee is happy to announce some new features that will be released in the first half of 2017! Reading this week’s blog post will give you a good idea on what Membee has planned for our first couple quarters and releases, including brand new features, and some current feature enhancements. So come and join in on the excitement!

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