Profile Part II: Features for Members

This week, we’re focusing on the features of the Profile update that are used by your members. These new features give members greater control over their member information while eliminating a number of situations where members would need to contact you to either create or update their information.

This week, we’re focusing on the features of the Profile update that are used by your members. These new features give members greater control over their member information while eliminating a number of situations where members would need to contact you to either create or update their information.

Last week, we focused on all the new features in Membee’s Profile feature update that are designed to help you. This week,  we are exploring all of the new Profile feature updates that are designed specifically for your members!  Even though features are focused on your members and how their profile can benefit them, these updates also eliminate administrative work for you and your fellow Membee users!

The Profile update is making it easier for members to:

  • See their payment history
  • Update their information
  • Upload important membership related files
  • Add a directory listing
  • Change their employer
  • Change contact person type
  • Change a contact person’s status
  • And more!!

View Payment History

Members now have access to their payment and transaction history. This makes it super easy for your members to login and be able to view everything and anything they would need to!  Below are some examples of what they can view;

1. View their upcoming balances and view any previous invoices

2. Print their paid invoices as receipts

3. Pay outstanding invoices right from their profile

  • This requires your eBilling widget to be activated
  • This feature would link the members to the eBill check out making it super simple to pay their invoices!

4. Charitable Receipts

  • Your members can now see which of your charitable causes they contributed to throughout the year and print their receipts
  • This area will only be displayed for the member if there are contributions



[Click image to enlarge]

Stronger File Upload Capability

If members need to regularly provide you with key documentation in order to maintain their membership, you now have the option to turn on a “File Upload” section in your member profiles:

1. Members can upload their credentials right from their profile.

2. Members can upload multiple files to be stored on their profile.


fileupload[Click image to enlarge]

View Participation History

There is a growing list of reasons why a member may need to see which of your organization’s events they participated in. When you activate the Participation History section in the Profile widget, members will be able to view their participation history directly in their profile.

Key details regarding each event are also visible to the member in this section of their member profile. The Future Events area shows members the upcoming events they have registered for. Note that the member can have Membee email them a copy of the event's itinerary right from their participation history.

Activate the Committee Meeting area and the member can see their meeting participation history including which meetings they attended, and which ones they did not.


[Click image to enlarge]

Person Members Can Change Their Employer

If your membership stays with the person as they change employers, this feature will save you and your member a ton of time. You can permit your members to “remove” or “change” the employers listed on their profile.

1. Members are able to change their employer to an existing Employer/Organization

  • No new Employer record would be made for an already existing employer record in Membee.

2. Members are able to change their employer to a new Employer/Organization.

  • A new employer record will be created in Membee, using Contact info the member enters.



[Click image to enlarge]

Add New Employees

If your members are mainly companies, organizations, and institutions, you can now permit them to add new employees and :

  • You decide in the widget’s configuration if new employees should receive a link to setup their login
  • Member organizations can create a directory listing for the new employee
  • Member organizations can assign a specific Status to a new employee
  • Members can add an email address to an existing contact and based on how you’ve set the widget, that person could automatically receive an email to setup their login

[Click image to enlarge]

Add Directory Listing From Profile

You can now turn on the ability for your members to add a directory listing. If activated, members will see the section dedicated to adding a directory listing. This new listing will appear in the members profile and on the members record in Membee where you can edit the listing if need be.


[Click image to enlarge]

Members Can Designate Contact Types

Organization members are now able to go into their profiles and update contact types for their contact people without needing a Membee User to go in and do it for them – further eliminating administrative work for Membee users.

For example, this would often be used when the person who was the main contact for a member organization has left the organization and a new main contact needs to be designated. Another example would include situations where you designate which contact people within a member organization are eligible to vote.



[Click image to enlarge]

You decide if updating a contact presents the option to change the person’s Contact Type setting.



[Click image to enlarge]

Allow Members to Update Person Status

This allows member organizations to be able to change their contact people’s Status.

This is used in organizations using Membee who have other organizations as their members and the member organization’s dues amount is based on their number of contact people with a specific status. For example, the number of contact people associated to that member organization with the Status of "Basic Member". 

So that renewal billing is fully automated in Membee, a Membee billing formula that can count the number of contact people with a specific status for that member organization and then calculates what the dues amount should be. For example, a member organization may pay $10 per contact person for contacts whose Status is “Basic Member”. If the member organization has 8 contact people with this Status, Membee would automatically calculate the member organization’s dues to be $80 ($10 X 8).



[Click image to enlarge]

Need Help or More Info?

Go check out the new Profile updates already available in Membee! If you want to learn more about how this Profile update life for your members and YOU check out last weeks Latest Buzz blog post: Profile Part I.

If you need any additional help don’t hesitate to contact our support team, that’s what they’re there for!


Chat feature on Membee’s Learning Resource page’s and on the Help from the Hive main page (Membee login required)

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