Putting Your Facebook Page to Work Using Membee Feeds

This week on the Latest Buzz blog we are talking with the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand about how they utilize Membee “feeds”. Put your Facebook to work for you with an Upcoming Events feed, New Members Feed, Special Offers feed and more!

This week on the Latest Buzz blog we are talking with the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand about how they utilize Membee “feeds”. Put your Facebook to work for you with an Upcoming Events feed, New Members Feed, Special Offers feed and more!

This week we are exploring the addition of Membee “feeds” to your Facebook page and why it’s valuable.

Membee Feeds are a widget that you typically add to a blank page on your website. These feeds dynamically display a list of information from Membee on a site and other vehicles such as your Facebook page.  The different types of feeds include:

  • Upcoming Events
    • Automatically displays a list of your upcoming events
  • New Members
    • Automatically displays a list of new members who have joined your organization
  • Special Offers
    • Displays a list of deals or promotions offered by members as a part of their listings in  your member directory
  • Sponsored Listing
    • A list of members, often prominent members whose directory listing has been designated as “Sponsored”
  • Feature Listing
    • A list of members whose listing in your member directory is designated as “featured”

These feeds prove to be great tools for reaching the majority of your members while they’re doing something they would be doing anyways…scrolling through Facebook!

As you can see in the screenshot below, the Membee feeds are added to the side panel of your Facebook page making them very easy for visitors to your Facebook page to find.



Eliminate Administrative Work like Tauranga Chamber!

We had a chance to speak with Laina Andrews, the Executive Assistant and Office Manager for Tauranga Chamber of Commerce located in Tauranga, New Zealand. We asked her about their Facebook page and how the addition of the Membee feeds has helped them:

Laina discussed how these feeds work as free promotion for both her organization and their members that are constantly being updated automatically. This has eliminated administrators needing to manually update their Facebook page with event details, new member signups, and any new member-to-member deals!

Read more about what Laina had to say below:

“We have over the past few years looked at increasing our presence on the social media platform [Facebook]. We wanted another way to promote our events, deals, and to have the opportunity to thank and promote our new members.

With this initiative, we have inserted three Membee feeds onto our Facebook page;

  • Upcoming Events
  • New Members
  • Special Offer Feed – Dealocal (Our Member to Member deals)

The positive aspect from implementing these feeds from an administration point of view is that once they are set up they are automatically updated. There is never a need to manually go in to enter information or updates. Meaning this is a hassle free promotion!

The fantastic thing about Membee is that the automatic processes actually work!”

– Laina Andrews (Tauranga Chamber of Commerce)

More Ways to Promote Your Events

upcomingFor a lot of organizations, event sales combined with memberships are the vast majority of revenue. Meaning the more promotion and visibility your events have the better. This is why Membee’s Upcoming Events feed is such a popular feature.

Additionally, Facebook proves easy to navigate for the majority of your member demographic, providing a simple and easy way for them to consistently be up to date.

Here are the details on how to add your upcoming events to your Facebook page

When the Upcoming Events feed is combined with Membee’s Event Calendar feature your members will never be out of the loop! Read more about Event Calendars and how to make them shine in a previous blog post:

Highlight Your Events with a Splash of Colour!


[Click image to enlarge]


Give Visibility to New Members Without Lifting a Finger

If a big benefit from your membership offering includes promoting members, especially if they are new members then automatically displaying them on your Facebook page is a great way to go. There is nothing for the member to do other than join and nothing for you to do once the New Member feed has been added to your Facebook page.


new members


Here are the details on how to add your new members to your Facebook page.


Member-To-Member Discounts Are A Great Member Benefit

Membee makes it easy to use “Special Offers” in member directory listings to create a valued member-to-member and/or member-to-consumer discount programs. All the member needs to do is login to their profile and add their special offer, time limited if they like, to their listing in your member directory.

Membee’s Special Offer feed takes it from there allowing it to automatically display a rotating list of these special offers on your website or on your Facebook page just like how the Tauranga Chamber does it.


[Click image to enlarge]


The screenshot above shows how the Chamber lists their “Member to Member Deals”. This is an awesome way for members to easily navigate deals, and get the most out of their memberships on a daily basis!

Here are the details on how to add your members’ special offers to your Facebook page.

Ready to Spice Up Your Facebook Page?

Promote your organization to the best of your ability by adding Membee feeds to your Facebook page. Follow the links below for step by step instructions on how to get started (Membee login required):

More Info For Implementing Feeds to Your Site of Facebook Page

Promote your event on your website and Facebook using event feeds

If you need any additional help don’t hesitate to contact our support team, that’s what they’re there for!

Email: support@membee.com

Chat feature on Membee’s Learning Resource page’s and on the Help from the Hive main page (Membee login required)

Meet Laina Andrews

Laina-150x188Laina is the Executive Assistant and Office Manager for the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce.

This exciting role encompasses supporting the CEO in his duties and the Chamber Board.

Laina assists all aspects of the Chamber’s Human Resources, IT systems and generally looks after the day to day running of the Chamber to ensure we run smoothly and efficiently.

The scope of the role is significant, with a wide array of tasks.

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce


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