New Member Signup Widget Gets a BIG Update–Part II

UPDATE ALERT! Check out this week’s Latest Buzz blog post where we cover Part 2 of the New Member Signup Widget upgrade!

UPDATE ALERT! Check out this week’s Latest Buzz blog post where we cover Part 2 of the New Member Signup Widget upgrade!

Membee updated the New Member widget on Sunday, June 25, 2017. We updated features that were already in place and also implemented some new features!

This week's post is Part II of the BIG New Member Signup Widget update! In this post we cover:

  • Setting up Free Days for Members
  • Proration Options
  • Lifetime Memberships

Last week’s Part I post, New Member Signup Widget Gets a BIG Update – Part I, covered the following:

  • UDF Values
  • Control of Welcome Emails
  • Access Roles & Profile Maintenance rights

Setup Free Days for Members

You will now be a able to setup a “Free Days” option for Anniversary based Memberships!

1. This new setting would allow for memberships to be offset by the number of days they set to be free:

  • Members will not be charged upon sign-up
  • Remove the “Payment Options” panel from the “Items for Purchase” tab if the free membership option is selected
  • Membee sets the next bill date to be the sign up date plus the number or free days set in the widget
  • For example, if it was set to 30 days and they joined on April 27 the next bill date is set to May 27
  • Total cost does not change

2. If you have Card Vault enabled:

  • This works like profile where a user can set up their credit card but the amount for the membership is not charged to their card.

3. For example:               

Member joined on April 27, 2017    

  • Invoice date = April 27, 2017
  • Period = May 27, 2017 – May 26, 2018

  • Due Date = May 27

  • No payment is applied


Additional Proration Options

There are now more options for how you wish to prorate your new memberships!

Wait, what’s proration?

Here’s an example: Let’s say your membership year runs from January to December and a new member signs up in June. You can set a proration up for them so they only have to pay for a half year’s membership and will be up for renewal next January. Meaning that this new member now aligns with your membership year as opposed to paying a full year’s membership dues for only a 6 month membership.

In many cases, organizations have proration's in place because renewals became too much to keep up with on a month to month basis. So instead of spending countless hours on renewals, these organizations set up their automated prorated billing so they can concentrate their efforts once a year.

Proration Options:

  • New member to pay full dues if they sign up within specified dates
  • New member to pay prorated dues if they sign up within specified dates
  • New member to pay remainder of years dues if they sign up within specified dates


The screenshot above shows how this proration feature will look in the New Member Widget. The payment option you have now include:

  • Renewing the members membership exactly 1 year from signup date
  • Prorate their memberships:
  • Pay full dues within certain time frame
  • Pay prorated, portion of annual membership, within certain time frame
  • Pay remainder of yearly membership when signing up within certain time frame
  • Set up a lifetime membership

These setting give you full control over how you would like your members to be charged based on their signup date.

Ability to Sell a “Lifetime” or “One Time Only Fee”  Membership

The concept of these memberships is for the ability for the member to pay once and be a member for life. This is common for larger associations who prefer to charge a large upfront fee (tax deductible to the member) in exchange for membership for life.

Another example is when some startup organizations offer a “founding lifetime” membership for their first 100 members or so.


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If you have any questions about these changes to the New Member Widget please don’t hesitate to contact Membee support staff:


Chat feature on Membee’s Learning Resource page’s and on the Help from the Hive main page (Membee login required)

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