Upgrades! You Won’t Want to Miss This…

Exciting Upgrades! Membee released a bunch of small upgrades as a part of our July maintenance build. Come and check out new features that you are guaranteed to love!

Exciting Upgrades! Membee released a bunch of small upgrades as a part of our July maintenance build. Come and check out new features that you are guaranteed to love!

In July we did a fairly large maintenance build/update resulting in some pretty cool things for our users! Below we list a couple of smaller upgrades that will further simplify not only your life, but your members lives! I don’t think you will want to miss this…

Link to the July Maintenance Release Notes: Help From the Hive – Bug fixes are also included at bottom of page.

PS don’t forget to have your Membee login and password handy as the links are secured.

Member/Non-Member Price Comparison for Your Event Registrations

When setting up your event items with member/non-member pricing, you can now activate a feature that will display a message to a member, letting them know how much money they saved by being a member and to a non-member, letting them know how much money they would save by becoming a member.

Events - Price comparison - Purchase members only item

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The Expiry/Renewal Dates Can Now be Displayed in Profile

The expiry or renewal date for a member’s membership can now be displayed in Profile widget.

We added this for those members who want to see when their membership expires easier and quicker! They previously had to scroll to the “Financials” section in their profile, which was in some cases hard to find especially for new members. This update makes it more obvious and easy to find!


Send the Event Itinerary to Attendees From Record

You can now send the Event Itinerary to attendees from their record in Membee.

We did this to provide additional convenience for our users making printing and sending itineraries that much easier.


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Directory Widget – Control Number of Search Results

You will now find a setting in the directory widget allowing you to set the number of search results appearing when a visitor searches your directory. This allows you to specify the maximum number of listings that are listed on a single page of search results.

This can help keep pages smaller, cleaner, and easier to manage. So list them all or have multiple pages of search results, it’s up to you!


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“Save & Add Another” When Setting Up Event Items

The event item window includes a “Save and Add Another” link to expedite the process of adding event items to events. This simple update will save you precious time.


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Aged Receivables Report Now Includes the Item Name

The membership or event items on an outstanding invoice will now be displayed on the aged receivables report and be included in the export.

Stored Credit Card Now Saved if Records are Merged

Stored credit cards used with Card Vault are now stored correctly if duplicate records (such as two records for the same person or two records for the same organization) are merged together.

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The eBill Widget Can Now be Defaulted to Secondary Language

This new language option allows you to default the display of the eBilling widget to a secondary language. If you have a secondary language set up in your System Settings, you can select which language your eBilling widget should be displayed in. You can select “English”, “French”, or “Allow the member to choose”.

ebill widget

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Event Facebook Like & Share Options

Facebook Like and Share options are now included in the events widget. Get more traffic to your event by having your members be able to share and like your events!



If you have any questions about any of these updates or bug fixes don’t hesitate to contact Membee support staff:

Email: support@membee.com

Chat feature on Membee’s Learning Resource page’s and on the Help from the Hive main page (Membee login required)

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