Automations Deliver Membership Revenue Results

Membee’s automations not only deliver membership revenue results, they save valuable staff time! Check out Membee’s different automations and how it’s possible to FULLY automate the membership cycle. Make sure to also check out last week’s post which covered the brand new automation update!

With the updates to Membee’s automations last week, we thought what better time to freshen up everyone’s knowledge of automations and all of its capabilities!

Time is your organization’s most valuable asset. You do not need to spend valuable staff time and resources managing a multitude of administrative tasks. With the power of automations, Membee’s users are able to shift the focus on expanding their organizations, without neglecting their membership and event management duties.

There are many different tasks you can completely automate – you are in control, but Membee will complete the work for you!

With automations you can automate the complete Membership Life Cycle, meaning you can automate:

  • New member sign up
  • Renewals invoicing
  • Invoice reminders (membership, events, etc.)
  • Canceling/suspending memberships
  • Pre and post-event email communication

Let’s take a closer look at these automations and how they can each be hugely invaluable to your organization and more specifically, how they will save immense amounts of time:

New Member Sign Up

The main advantage to the New Member Signup widget is that you no longer need to spend time setting up each new member. When your potential members sign up online, you can set Membee to automatically:

  • Accept their membership application
  • Immediately add them to the member directory

Precious staff time will no longer be wasted setting up these new members, and can instead focus on the perks of receiving them!

Membership Renewal

When Members are approaching their renewal date, you can set up Membee to fully automate the membership renewal process. You can send all invoices via email – members have instant access to view and pay their invoice through this email.

If a member does not have e-billing setup a PDF of their invoice will be attached. This way Membee helps you stay flexible with all of your different member’s needs!

Pre Bill Members for Renewal

  • Pre-renewal email
  • Renewal billing

This automation gets members thinking about their renewal before the deadline. They will be able to renew their membership directly through this email.  The faster members renew their memberships, the faster you get paid!


You can set Membee up to send reminders to your members about unpaid invoices. Membee will only send a reminder email based on the age of an overdue invoice. As always you’re in complete control over this!

The main advantage to setting up reminder automations is how much valuable staff time you are freeing up. Staff no longer has to:

  • Sort through invoices
  • Set up reminder emails
  • Gather e-bill information


Let Membee manage your cancellations for you including writing off invoices and sending an email to inform the member of their cancellation or suspension. After setting this up you won’t have to touch the records at all!

In some cases, members won’t pay their outstanding invoice until they are finally canceled. The advantage with Membee is that you now do not need to worry about these members, as Membee will automatically cancel them along with sending the necessary cancellation email, links, invoices, etc.. Membee stores all of the data so if the cancelled member does decide to renew it is easy to switch them from “non-member” back to “member” status.

No manual cleanup is ever required when a member does not renew. With Membee your member directory will be automatically refreshed.

Don’t Quite Trust It – Staff Notifications

The time frame for how far ahead an automation is to notify selected staff members will no longer be set by the user. Instead, Membee will now send 2 weekly summary emails for each automation.

Membee makes sure that you’re alerted to any actions that you may need to take ensuring all members receive their dues invoices. If there are actions that you need to take, then “ACTION REQUIRED” will be included in the email subject line.

“ACTION REQUIRED” in an email subject could be there for a few different reasons including:

  • Missed Invoices
  • Members with potential billing issues
  • Invoices that can’t be sent to Members set to receive their invoices via email
  • Invoices that will need to be printed
  • etc.

The screenshot below shows how the Membee emails will look, with and without, an “ACTION REQUIRED” subject line:

Notifications for all automations will now just contain who will be notified. Screenshot below:

It’s a No-Brainer

These automations help to free up hours of admin time that used to be spent;

  • Setting up new members
  • Adding members to the directory
  • Deleting members from the directory
  • Sorting through invoices to see who has paid
  • Sorting through invoices to see who has not paid
  • Sending renewal reminder emails
  • Event registration reminders and invites
  • Changes to event emails
  • Post-event thank you emails and info

Membee is designed to help you save time. Take advantage of all that your subscription offers, and let Membee be the MVP of your team!


If you want to learn more about a specific Automation? Follow the link below!

Automations – Help From the Hive

If you have any questions regarding Membee software contact Membee support staff:


Chat feature on Membee’s Learning Resource page’s and on the Help from the Hive main page (Membee login required)

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