Time to Stop Drowning in Administration Tasks

Stop spending your staff and volunteers precious time on administration duties. It’s time to get back to whats important, memberships! With Membee you can automate your member’s entire membership cycle while adding membership value and receiving revenue faster and easier.

I think we can all agree that reducing administration time and focusing on membership value is the main goal. If you’re drowning in admin work, you don’t have to be! Membee is built to work FOR you and not just with you. Below we outline benefits that fellow member users are loving, why they are so beneficial, and how to get started implementing them for your own organization!

Let us Automate Your World

The only good administrative task is the one you don’t have to do. Membee has a large and growing set of automated features designed do all of the work of signing up new members, renewing existing ones, and handling event registrations.

Since we are all volunteers, anything that can be automated is a bonus. I believe the reporting will be valuable to our Board as well. The chat is a helpful tool as well. – Judy Garber (Women In Engery)

Automated Member Login Setup

Often, the “good stuff” for members is behind a locked door requiring the new members to login to access valuable content and features on your organization’s website. Membee’s new member signup process makes it easy for your new member to set or reset their own password and even use one of their social networks to login to “members only” features. You even control where the new member is redirected to once they set up their login so they can start using their membership right away!

The ability for members to manage their own profiles and stay up to date on their financial contributions to the organization is tremendous. – Danny Burke (Friendly Sons of St. Patrick)

Don’t forget you are able to set up specific logins for certain members:

We are able to create ‘members-only’ sections of the website to communicate specific information to members. This was very important in terms of highlighting member benefits and efficiently communicating those specific discount codes. – Netty Brinckerhoff (Women in Film & Video)

Get Started (login required): Automate new member sign-up

Automated Notification to Members of Upcoming Renewal

This simple feature will increase your retention rate while you get paid faster. You tell Membee when to deliver a pre-renewal email to members coming due. The email is a template so you control the messaging where it is common to promote upcoming member benefits and to alert the member to watch for their upcoming renewal notification.

Get Started (login required): Set up Membee to send an email to let your members know that they are coming up for renewal

Automated Reminders

This feature alone will increase your membership revenues and member retention rate. You completely control how often and what Membee says to overdue members when it sends them email-based reminders. These templated emails go only to overdue members and because you can create unlimited reminders, you are increasing the urgency of your messaging as the age of their renewal increases.

Get Started (login required): Set up Membee to send reminders to members with an outstanding invoice

Automated Membership Suspension or Cancellation 

Membee’s Cancellation automation cleans up an overdue membership for by writing off their unpaid membership renewal, sending a templated email, changing them to a non-member status, deactivating logins, deactivating directory listings, etc. You have full control over both what Membee does and when it does it. A common best practice here is to set two automations, one that restricts some benefit, deactivating login as an example and the second automation, later on, completes full cancellation if renewal payment is not received

Get Started (login required): Set up Membee to suspend membershipSet up Membee to cancel membership

Automated Event Registration Confirmation

For each event, Membee creates the event’s purchase confirmation email template for you. It is unique to the event and shares with the event purchaser the event’s key information such as date, time, location and the details of their registration. You can modify the template and add other pertinent information so when Membee automatically delivers the confirmation to the event purchase, it says exactly what you want it to say.

Get Started (login required): Send Automatic Emails to Registrants of Your Events

Automated Pre Event Marketing

Maximizing an event’s attendance maximizes revenue so every event planner will tell you that they wished they had the time to regularly figure out who has registered for a big event so they can target compelling communication to those yet to register. Let Membee do it for you automatically. You set the message and how often it goes and Membee figures out who hasn’t registered and sends your message to them.

Get Started (login required): Send an email prior to your event to your attendees and/or purchasers, Send the event itinerary to your attendees and/or purchasers

Automated Post Event Communication

The day after a big event is so rewarding! You’re exhausted but happy that the next one isn’t for a while. About the last thing you want to do is a bunch of communication for the event that is now in your rearview mirror. Let Membee do it for you automatically. Maybe a quick “thank you”, a link to your post-event survey, and a link to your next big event out to those who attended. At the same time, a message to those you failed to register pointing out what a great event they missed!

Get Started (login required): Send an email after an event to your attendees and/or purchasers

Don’t Quite Trust It – Staff Notifications

The time frame for how far ahead an automation is to notify selected staff members will no longer be set by the user. Instead, Membee will now send 2 weekly summary emails for each automation.

Membee makes sure that you’re alerted to any actions that you may need to take ensuring all members receive their dues invoices. If there are actions that you need to take, then “ACTION REQUIRED” will be included in the email subject line.

“ACTION REQUIRED” in an email subject could be there for a few different reasons including:

  • Missed Invoices
  • Members with potential billing issues
  • Invoices that can’t be sent to Members set to receive their invoices via email
  • Invoices that will need to be printed
  • etc.

The screenshot below shows how the Membee emails will look, with and without, an “ACTION REQUIRED” subject line:

Notifications for all automations will now just contain who will be notified. Screenshot below:

Users Utilizing Membee

These users may be new to Membee, but they are utilizing Membee and all it has to offer like pros.

Women In Energy: Membership 250

Judy Garber (Executive Director)

Since we are all volunteers, anything that can be automated is a bonus. I believe the reporting will be valuable to our Board as well. The chat is a helpful tool as well.

A tangible capability and member benefit we have been able to extend to your members as a result of using Membee is easy and quick sign-ups.

With Membee support, you are never alone. Need help? Ask!


Friendly Sons of St PatrickMembership: 100

Danny Burke (2nd Vice President)

The ability for members to manage their own profiles and stay up to date on their financial contributions to the organization is tremendous.

The membership portal where we can manage events is a tremendous feature we plan to capitalize on.

When we were reviewing potential solutions, support and implementation were a big concern. Because we are a volunteer-based organization like many other organizations like ours, our leaderships schedule is challenging. We were extremely concerned about implementation and the learning curve to adopt the system and maximize the use of the features to justify the cost but we quickly realized we chose the right platform. Our implementation specialist, Kathy, was phenomenal and was readily available to help us get set up quickly, and accurately. We started this journey on a tight timeline to launch before the new year, she worked with us to make sure we leveraged every feature we intended and met our timeline, even during the busy holiday schedules. We will recommend Membee to every organization we interface with. 


If you have any questions regarding Membee software contact Membee support staff:

Email: support@membee.com

Chat feature on Membee’s Learning Resource page’s and on the Help from the Hive main page (Membee login required)

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