Automate Communication Reminders, Thank You’s & More!

This week we go over email communication inside of Membee, with Automations. Not only can you automate your member’s entire membership lifecycle, but you can automate important communication. These communication emails help increase, renewals, event registration, and brand loyalty.

Automate Pre-Renewal Communication

Send out email notifications so your members know they membership is coming due. Sending pre-renewal reminders will help you get paid faster! Free up time to focus on new members and less time worrying about retaining old ones.

Set up Membee to send an email to let your members know that they are coming up for renewal:

For full step-by-step help follow this link – Communicate with Pre Renewal Emails  (Membee login required).

Thank You for Renewing!

Membee had heard from many of our organizations how important thank-you communication is becoming. The more valued a member feels, the more likely they are to stay involved and renew their memberships. These emails don’t need to be long or fancy, members simply appreciate the acknowledgment of their money spent and participation.

  • In Membee, go to Admin
  • Scroll down to the “System Email Templates” section under the “Email” Section
  • Select “Invoice” in the Type field
  • Select the “Thank You For Your Renewal (Default)” template. This is the template that can be sent to your members when they pay for their membership renewal

For full step-by-step help follow this link – Customize the Emails, set Staff Notification, and Thank You for Renewing notification  (Membee login required).

Send Automatic Emails to Registrants of Your Events

Pre-Event Communication

Prior to the start of your event, you can send out reminders to those who have already registered to remind them of the event coming up. You can also use this to send out reminders to those that have not yet register not to miss out on the great event! You are in charge of when the emails will be sent out and who to include in the emails.

Membee’s Pre-event email is a great tool for you to use to invite the members who have not registered for an event.

You can use the Pre Event email to let people who are registered know about any changes in the event or things you want them to be aware of.

It’s always a good idea to give registrant to your events the most information possible. Getting an event itinerary to event attendees can be necessary, especially for those multi-day events.

Post-Event Communication

Sending out post-event communication is received positively by members. They appreciate the recognition of their participation and/or money and time spent at these events. If a member could not attend, sending a “We Missed You” email can make them feel important and more willing to attend your next event!

  • Step-by-step: How to create a post-event notification automation (Membee login required).

Send an email to the people who attended your event to thank them for coming.

Send an email to the people who did not attend to tell them you missed them and remind them of your other great events.


If you have any questions regarding Membee software contact Membee support staff:


Chat feature on Membee’s Learning Resource page’s and on the Help from the Hive main page (Membee login required)

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