Membee Users Conference 2018

Membee Users Conference 2018 is approaching quickly! Find out what to expect and gather some insight from fellow Membee Users who attended last year.

Why Attend?

This event is a massive learning opportunity for those new to Membee, AND those more experienced with Membee! With the constant release of new features and updates in Membee there are always new ways to use Membee more effectively. Your time would be anything but wasted and the contacts you make in two days are invaluable as a Membee User.


Some specific perks of being an attendee are:

  1. Face to face training directly from Membee’s support and development team
    • Presentations from the Membee team – Invaluable training opportunity
  2. Recap of all features released since the year priors meeting
  3. Sneak peak of new Membee features and updates
  4. Discussion groups with fellow Membee users
    • Creating personal contacts – tips, tricks, and support!
  5. Multiple chances to share ideas for updates, new features, or any improvements directly to the Membee team
  6. And most of all, leaving feeling more confident in Membee’s features and abilities
    • Attendees from this year and years past discover Membee’s full potential and what it can do for their organizations!

Straight From the Attendees

When I attended the Conference last year, we had just started using Membee and I really had no idea what I was doing. Being at the Conference really helped to show me the things I didn’t know, clear up my understanding of the procedure, point out questions that I needed to ask and it allowed me the opportunity to speak face to face with the Membee team which was incredibly valuable in itself. 

Attending the Conference allowed us to connect with other Membee users and hear their experiences. It also allowed us to hear about planned changes that are coming and give Membee some feedback on what it is we would like to see in the future. I am glad I was able to go last year and I’m looking forward to this year’s Conference!

– Jodie Whitley (Executive Assistant – Canadian Reiki Association)

As a brand new Membee user and first-time attendee, the conference was an amazing experience and I found it very helpful. The presenters did an amazing job with explaining and teaching us new information and practices with Membee, as well as taking time to reinforce past practices for those who are newer Membee users – questions were able to be asked and were answered well throughout the presentation – I left the conference having gained knowledge in all aspects of Membee, and would definitely be interested in attending the conference again next year.

Katherine Marino (Administration Coordinator – Oakville Chamber of Commerce)

I am glad I could attend my first Membee User conference in Burlington. It was a valuable, stimulating and enjoyable couple of days, particularly for making contacts with other Membee users. The two days were very well planned with new and interesting information shared. It was a great opportunity to update our knowledge of the software, take advantage of one on one learning and at the same time addressing our concerns to the team of experts. I look forward to attending the conference next year.

– Saba Shafiq (Member Relations Management Lead – Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce)

What to Expect

2018’s agenda will be uploaded to Membee’s Users Group this week.

The attendees all get an in-depth recap of all features Membee released this past year, as well as some of Membee’s older features. They have the chance to ask any questions directly to the Membee team and learn about some new features that they may have missed or overlooked.

To give you a better idea of how much is learnt in 2 days here is a list of the topics and features covered in 2017:

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Psst!!! It’s not just for the newbies! Long time Membee users learn new ways on how to use Membee more effectively every year at this conference (hence their repeat appearances).

First Come, First Served

Every year the attendees break off into small discussion groups and share ideas on how they think Membee can improve. They write down their ideas, fleshing them out with fellow Membee users and Membee staff. All the ideas are posted, and each attendee has the chance to vote for their top 5 ideas. This is always an extremely awesome tool for Membee to get direct feedback in what are users want to see implemented!

The ideas with the most votes come back to the Hive and are discussed in great depth and in most cases added directly to the “to-do” list! SO if you have some ideas and want to discuss them in more detail bringing some life into them, the Membee Users conference is a place for you!

Attend the 2018 Meeting!

Click here to join Membee’s Users Group for all conference information and to sign up!

It was great to see so many of our users in person and have face-to-face discussions. There was so much enthusiasm brought forwards from everyone there and I enjoyed hearing feedback on newly implemented features, as well as ideas for what should come next!

Julie Katayama (Membee’s Implementation Specialist)

A great meeting like this just doesn’t pull itself together. On behalf of all of the attendees and Membee staffers, a quick shout out to the Membee Users Group chairperson, Kathryn Newell.  Membership Service Coordinator at the Burlington Chamber of Commerce by day, and meeting planner extraordinaire by night, her efforts to create a truly personalized experience for all the attendees is deeply appreciated by all.

Thank you, Kathryn, and to your organization and community for showing everyone in the Hive so much love.


To inquire about Membee Users Conference -> Membee’s Users Group

If you have any questions regarding Membee software contact Membee support staff:


Chat feature on Membee’s Learning Resource page’s and on the Help from the Hive main page (Membee login required)

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