Event Upgrade #2 Part 1 – Advantages to Your Members!

Membee’s second round of Event enhancements in the “Year of the Event” is ready to launch this May! This week we will focus on the upcoming upgrades that will provide your members with a better experience.

Make sure to watch out for next weeks post where we discuss the changes coming to the admin side of Membee’s Events!

Before we get started…

When this update is released, there is NOTHING you need to do for your existing events.

Your events will continue to work as they always have.  Do not make any adjustments to the setup of the events you have already created in Membee or make any changes to the event calendar on your website.

Check out Membee’s Announcement document covering the upcoming changes (Membee login required)

Online Events

This enhancement is focusing on cleaning up and reorganizing Events both inside Membee and how it appears on your website.

Events on Your Website

The new look keeps the event looking clean and it is easier to read and search through.

We don’t want members scrolling for ages before they find something to purchase, now all of the must-know information is easily spotted at a glace.

[click image to enlarge]

One Event Item – Multiple Prices

Instead of having multiple items for each price, you have one item with multiple prices. 

If you have member and non-member pricing available the benefits of having a membership is now quite obvious. This price difference will entice some non-members to take the plunge and become members.

In the example below, the event item is the “Foursome” and the event price levels are “Member” and “Non-member”.

The upgrades make it easy to see the items available to purchase or register for, especially in events with multiple price points (ex. early bird, member and non-member pricing) without scrolling through a giant list.


To inquire about Membee’s 2018 Users Conference -> Membee’s Users Group

If you have any questions regarding Membee software contact Membee support staff:

Email: support@membee.com

Chat feature on Membee’s Learning Resource page’s and on the Help from the Hive main page (Membee login required)

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