Membee User Group Conference 2018

Another awesome Membee User Group Conference in the books! We recap the conference and its highlights on this week’s Latest Buzz blog.

Membee’s 2018 User’s Group Conference took place June 7th & 8th in Burlington Ontario. 2018 had one of the highest attendee count in the past couple of years and we are so excited to see this conference grow! This year most attendees were not only attending for the first time but were newer users of Membee!

On behalf of the entire Membee team, we would like to thank all of the enthusiastic Membee users that attended this year’s Users Group conference!

A Word from the Attendee’s

Darlene Jones – Membership Services Lead, Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce

I think the Membee users group meeting is a very useful tool in itself. New users will learn from experienced users. And experienced users will learn something new. Kathy and Cory are very helpful and the meeting is very well organized. I look forward to receiving the slides of everything that was covered at the meeting!

Amanda Derksen – Event Specialist, Guelph Chamber of Commerce

I highly recommend the Membee User Group meeting to any experienced users of Membee – or those who would consider it an integral part of their position. The User Group conference allows you to connect with Membee staff and the developers to learn new features, give your input and seek help in problem areas your organization is experiencing – it is also great to connect with other like-minded organizations and users of Membee. Both of these elements combined have allowed me to learn new features and enhance my current user experience. I am definitely planning on attending again next year and brining some co-workers who use Membee on a daily basis to ensure our organization is up to date and getting the most out of Membee. 

Sandra Raposo – Finance Lead, Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce

This year’s conference was excellent!  I really enjoyed the 2 days, great discussions, great ideas and sharing of information and excellent hosting by Burlington Waterfront Hotel and the Burlington Chamber of Commerce. The lunches provides were so good!

I would say to those looking to attend in the future that there is always something to learn – many of us use Membee everyday but we often have different ways of doing things so it’s great to hear how others handle different situations.

Membee Feedback Session

The attendee’s of 2018’s conference had the pleasure of having a feedback session lead by the awesome Shawna Mutton, the VP of Operations at the Burlington Chamber of Commerce.

Shawna (left) and Kathryn (right), two invaluable members of the Hive! Thanks for making this year’s conference so great!

The feedback session was different than in past years where we split into groups, had the group come up with a list and then present their top choice. This year everyone got a stack of sticky notes, then they had 10 minutes to write down as many thoughts about what they would like to see in Membee as possible. At the end of 10 minutes they all got up and put their notes on the wall. Everyone then worked together as a big group to categorize the ideas (ex. events, membership, support etc.). Once sorted each person had 5 little dot stickers – they added their dots to the ideas they liked the best (they could add all dots to one idea or 5 dots to different ideas etc.). The top ideas were the ideas with the most “votes” – these ideas are brought right back to the Membee hive.

Every upgrade, update, and enhancement that comes out of Membee is to improve the lives of Membee users and how Membee works for them. Great ideas come from this feedback session and the top voted items almost always become something Membee designs or works into an upgrade.

This is yet another reason to attend these meetings – If you have an awesome idea that you think would benefit Membee users, this feedback session is where you belong in 2019!

Why You Should Attend

This is a very exciting event if you are able to attend as it is a massive learning opportunity for those new to Membee, AND those more experienced with Membee!

With the constant release of new features and updates inside of Membee there are always new ways to use the software more effectively.

Some specific perks of being an attendee are:

  1. Face to face training directly from Membee’s support and development team
    • Presentations from the Membee team – Invaluable training opportunity
  2. Recap of all features released since the previous meeting
  3. Sneak peak of new Membee features and updates
  4. Discussion groups with fellow Membee users
    • Creating personal contacts – tips, tricks, and support!
  5. Multiple chances to share ideas for updates, new features, or any improvements directly to the Membee team
  6. And most of all, leaving feeling more confident in Membee’s features and abilities
    • Attendees from this year and years past discover Membee’s full potential and what it can do for their organizations!

Plus… it’s pretty fun in an awesome location – Burlington’s waterfront!

What to Expect

Take a look at 2018’s agenda to get a better idea of how the conference is run: 2018 User’s Group Conference Agenda

This year attendee’s got an in-depth look at the next 2 major Event’s enhancements. This gave them a chance to ask questions, provide feedback, and get face-to-face communication with Membee’s senior team members.

The Users Group

Make sure you’re a member of the Membee Users Group on Facebook -> Facebook Users Group

This is where you will find information on next years conference! This group is also an awesome spot for users to bounce idea’s off each other, ask for advice, or share helpful tips!

Please keep in mind this group, although helpful, is not Membee Support. If you run into issues or need help with the software always make sure to reach out to our support team -> Help From the Hive


If you have any questions regarding Membee software contact Membee support staff:


Chat feature on Membee’s Learning Resource page’s and on the Help from the Hive main page (Membee login required)

Let’s Bee Friends

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Heather Jones

I think this is the first conference I’ve missed since we started using Membee. Wish I could have been there! Nice to see familiar faces in pictures, but it would have been better to see you in person. 🙂


Thank you for posting!

I really enjoyed getting this one organized. I loved the fact that so many people attended. I have already booked the Waterfront Hotel for next year, June 6 and 7. I booked a bigger sized room, hopefully we can fill THAT one!


Hi Kathryn!

Im not on facebook, but im interested in getting information on the conference. Could you email me details as they come out? Thanks! Jen