Incentivize Your Event Items

Increase your pricing capabilities and let your members register with ease by packaging your items into a bundle for a discounted price!

Does your organization host multi-day events? Would you like to sell multiple items in one? Want to sell a package of different items? Create a bundle of items! This is perfect for situations such as a conference that lasts over a span of a few days or in cases where you would like to sell multiple items in one package for a discounted price.

As an example, you are hosting a weekend conference that starts on a Friday and ends on a Sunday. John Doe, a member of your organization, is thinking about attending all three days, but he’s hesitant on the price. Your registration tickets are sold separately for $125/day for members and $150/day for non-members. If John purchased tickets for each day, it would come to a total of $375, but by bundling the three tickets into one at the price of $300, your bundle incentivizes the full attendance of the conference!

Bundles of Items

Combine Event Items Into a Bundle

A bundle is made up of existing event items, but it doesn’t take away the availability of those individual items – meaning that your Friday, Saturday, and Sunday tickets are still available to purchase! These separate event items are combined into one and you set the price!

Pricing your Bundle

Bundles are usually offered for a discounted price, which ensures member participation for you and an advantageous cost for the purchaser. Offering bundles can also influence the purchasing decision of the member and increase your conference attendance!

In this case, the full weekend bundle was for a price of $300 –  which is a hefty $75 discount! The same goes for the non-member bundle price too. This is what your members, like John, will see when there’s a bundle available to purchase:

Tracking the sale

If John decided to purchase a full weekend bundle and he told Laura & Joe, who are both members of the organization too, and they decide to the purchase full weekend bundle like John, tracking the attendance in Membee isn’t hard to do!

Membee’s made it easy so that when a bundle is purchased, the number of items sold increases for each item within the bundle. When John purchased the full weekend registration, the Friday, Saturday, & Sunday tickets also increase in the amount sold.

Below, you can see the three-weekend bundle purchases made by John, Laura, & Joe, and the amount sold in each item that makes up the full weekend bundle.

Build a bundle in 4 clicks

The bundle works the exact same way as any singular event item would! When you set the type of price level to “a bundle of items,” you can select the event items that are included within the bundle. Keep in mind that to make a bundle, you will need existing event items.

Don’t do conferences?

You can use this feature too! Creating a bundle isn’t restricted to hosting a conference or an event. In cases where you may have a store and want to make a discounted package that includes a branded t-shirt, a branded hat, and a branded notebook, you can use bundling too.

As long as you want to combine multiple event items into one, bundling is your best friend!

What about non-members?

Non-members can also have their own bundles! In the same way that a singular event item works, you can create two different price levels in an event item and have a member and non-member price. You can even have different items within the bundle. For example, if your members get 5 items in one package but your non-members get 3 items instead – you get to call the shots!


If you have any questions regarding Membee software contact Membee support staff:


Chat feature on Membee’s Learning Resource page’s and on the Help from the Hive main page (Membee login required)

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