Membee’s 2018 Year in Review

Another year has passed – let’s take a look at all the great updates that happened to Membee within this 2018 year! You wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the details – big or small!

2018 was a fantastic year of updates that we implemented and now we’re reviewing what this past year brought to the hive. Does anyone else agree with us when we say it felt like the fastest year ever?! As we dive into what was all the buzz going around this 2018 year, we look at the 6 major updates we did and any minor enhancements brought into Membee.


Announcing the Year of the Event

We started off the month of January with a bit of a news flash. We had officially declared that the 2018 year was the “Year of the Event” and the bees began to buzz! The Year of the Event was named for 2018 because of an extensive enhancement that focused on updating event features, which will continue into this upcoming year!

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Increase Sales Using Promotions

We also talk about boosting your membership sales with our promotional feature, using discounts to increase sales – whether membership or event sales. It’s a great marketing tool to keep current members happy, while potentially gaining new members.

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Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Takes the Spotlight

Lastly, in January, We were able to also put the Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association on the spotlight, sharing how they got the most out of Membee with their transition to managing their association in-house.

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New Features to the Calendar Widget

A great way to start February was with our first event upgrade enhancement! We made the attendee information more streamlined, added more filters for the event calendar widget, gave you the ability to choose default attendees and many more!

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Receive Faster Revenues

We reviewed how Card Vault can help you receive revenues faster than having to play the waiting game when you’re trying to have invoices paid. Let your member renewals be automatic so you don’t even have time to twiddle your thumbs.

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Save Your Precious Time

Administrative duties can be your worst enemy sometimes, they can suck up all the honey from the hive! We share about how to save your precious time from administrative duties so you could focus on expanding your organization.

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Retain Engagement by Being Mobile Friendly

It’s important that your email and marketing strategies are both mobile friendly. We share some insight on how important it is to have a responsive design that is adaptable – especially for mobile devices! Your marketing campaigns should encourage visitors to stay and be interested, not detract them!

Automate Your Communication

Take away the grunt work for communication by automating how you reach out to your members through their membership lifecycle – from the “welcome” email all the way to the “thank-yous”. Not only does this continue the communication to them, but it builds your brand loyalty!

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Revenue Through the Directory

We end the month buzzing about how to increase revenues with your directory – ever thought about that before? It’s possible! Feature listings or sell keywords to increase your potential revenues.

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Utilize Your Donation Opportunities

Engagement from everyone is highly important! There’s always a way to reach out to donors, non-members, passive members, or active members. We talk about how to increase your potential donation opportunities on your website and your widgets to make it easier for potential donors to donate! The more opportunities, the better!

Re-engage Passive Members

Membee makes it easy for you to find who has been out of your hive for quite a bit of time and how you can get them to re-engage and come back alive! Grab the attention of members that are MIA with a bit of help from Membee.

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Engaging with Social Media

Don’t lose your time plugging away at social media, which is supposed to help you, not deter you! Use some tips and tricks for using social media without losing all your time – we’re all about getting time back by doing it right.

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Improved Layout for Your Members

We decided to bring the May flowers to Membee by reviewing the new enhancements to Membee! We improved the layout and experience for your visitors, reorganizing the event widget to remove the potential eyesore. It’s made to set the stage and keep it streamlined.

Search and Track Attendance Easily

We improve your experience by giving events a complete makeover to events in Membee! Searching for event sales and checking or tracking attendance became a lot easier with this enhancement!


Moneris and Card Vault Become Compatible

Lastly, we were able to announce that Moneris was soon able to support card vault and its features… so if you were using Moneris, you wouldn’t have to move payment gateways to use card vault! A sigh of relief to know you don’t need to make any major changes to utilize our features!



Membee User Conference Recap

We spent some amazing time in June with some of our membee users at our Membee User Group in Burlington, Ontario! We recap the two day conference and look at what a few of our attendees had to say about the Membee User Group and a feedback session that ruled out the top ideas to bring to the Membee hive team. Thinking of coming? See why you should and what to expect!



New Communal Event Widget

Just a little over half the year and we were able to introduce community events to Membee! We were buzzing about how members of your community can now add events to your community calendar widget with your approval. Making it easier for your administrators and users so that you don’t have to take the time to create the event, but members can input their own information. It’s a great marketing tool where everyone wins!

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Mobile Targeting

We’re always thinking about your members and what’s the best way to retain them. One of Membee’s core functionality is its responsive designs. It’s important that your website is also responsive as it makes it easier for members to access and use your website or our widgets, especially by mobile! This is the foundation of your success with Membee!


Small Steps to Retain Members

Later in the month, we discuss how to retain your members. The key is, small things go a long way! We may think that we need to reach out with glorified acts or extreme marketing plans, when really, minor acts can be critical to reaching out and keeping your members intrigued.



Incentivize with Item Bundling

We have more buzz to end the year about Membee’s events features! I’m sure everyone loves discounts! Well… there’s nothing better for your members than receiving a discount for a package of items. We talk about how utilizing the bundling feature can improve your event participation. Bundle your items together for a lower cost is a great incentive to purchase your event items.


And… That’s a wrap! It felt like a quick year for all of us at the hive, but we’re excited for this upcoming year and what the year will bring us!


If you have any questions regarding Membee software, contact Membee support staff by email:

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