Create Special Event Pricing For Your Membership Levels

Add membership benefits by offering your event items to specific membership levels at an exclusive price, available only to members that meet your criteria!

If you’re looking to offer an event item at an exclusive price to a specific membership level or a subset (a group of individuals with a shared commonality), you’re at the right place! Membee can help you sell to specific members, allowing you to enhance your member’s benefits while widening your marketing possibilities.

Let’s look at a common event setup as an example.

Your organization, the Bee Hive Association, has four different membership levels, student, bronze, silver, and gold. Your upcoming Membership Conference is sold at different prices depending on each membership level. Students attend for free, bronze members pay $60 a ticket, silver members pay $55 a ticket, and gold members pay $50 a ticket – as seen below.

Entice Existing Members to Upgrade Their Membership

A great marketing strategy is to showcase the event item prices for other membership statuses and entice existing members to potentially upgrade their membership level to receive those same discounted benefits.

Alex, a Silver level member, can only select the Silver Registration for the Membership Conference when he logs in. The Bronze and Gold Registration items both say “No Access” for him, but Alex can still see the price of these items. When Alex notices the discounted Gold Registration, he attempts to purchase it and is prompted with a message about how he can inquire about purchasing this item. This message is a customizable message set by your organization!

Hide Exclusive Items to be Visible only to Specific Memberships

You may have some cases where you wouldn’t want all members to see the exclusive discounted price for specific members. In our example above, you may want to make the student price fully hidden and exclusive to student members, like your member, Jill. It may be frustrating for members who pay for a registration ticket, like Alex, to see that students get to attend for free.

By setting visibility parameters, the Student Registration item can be hidden and only purchased by students, so members that don’t meet the criteria won’t even know that there’s a different item! Below is a comparison of what Alex and Jill see due to their membership statuses – click to enlarge each picture.

Setting it Up in Less Than a Minute

It’s quick and easy to set your parameters for your event items. Simply set your price level to visible to and/or purchasable to a subset and select your filters as seen below! You can also change and customize the message when a purchaser does not meet the purchasing criteria but would like to inquire about the item – eg. upgrade their membership.


If you have any questions regarding Membee, please contact Membee support staff at or jump to Help from the Hive’s main page (Membee login required)

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