Making Your Event Look Perfect Before its Live

Refine and edit your new event until it looks pristine before you publish it to the public!

Have you ever created an event that took you a few days to edit and hoped that no one would come across your live, incomplete event? Or when someone did see your event, they purchased one of your event items? What a nightmare!

Membee has an amazing event preview feature that can relieve the possibility of that nightmare to exist. This way, you get to edit your event until it looks perfect enough to be published and seen by the public eye!

Do I need Preview Mode?

If you are creating an event that you know will need a few days for editing before it is released, then preview mode is the honey to your hive! You may need it in cases where you are waiting for more concrete information that is crucial to your attendees. The best practice is to ensure that your event looks exactly the way you want it to before it’s visible to the public by reviewing it in preview mode.

How Do You Know it’s in Preview Mode?

By default, unless you changed your default settings, your event will be in “preview mode”. This mode hides your event from being public until you decide it’s time to make your event live. Membee indicates that you’re still in preview mode in a few different locations. The text “Preview Mode” will appear at the end of your title, you won’t have an event URL to share, and a leading indicator is the link to “Preview Event” – see what happens when you preview your event:

It’s easy to make your event live, all it takes is just one simple click… and maybe a second click to save your settings. By a click of a button, you can turn off preview mode or turn it back on if you decide it needs to go back to the drawing board. Once your event goes live, an event URL will be visible for you to share your event!

I Don’t Need Preview Mode

In some other cases, you may not need preview mode because your events can be published almost immediately after setting up the basic information. If you find that the majority of your new events do not need preview mode, you can change your “Event Setup Defaults” and turn off preview mode. Next time you create an event, it will not be in preview mode automatically.

Want to learn more about how to turn off preview mode for your default settings? Click here!


To learn more about preview mode, jump to our guide by clicking here (Membee login required). If you have any questions regarding Membee, please contact Membee support staff at or jump to Help from the Hive’s main page (Membee login required)

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