CMBA Atlantic Focuses on Growth Thanks to Membee Automations

The Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association – Atlantic takes the spotlight to share their story about how automating Membee freed up their administrative time and how the directories feature assisted their transition to being consumer-facing.

There’s no better way to grow your organization than to free up your administrative time! Less administrative work means more time to dive into strategies about growing your membership and strengthening your organization.

James Shinners, the President of the Canadian Mortgage Brokers of Association Atlantic Canada (CMBA Atlantic), shared his story about the success of automations and how he was recently able to launch a directory to better promote his members!

Their Life Before Membee

Like many other associations, board members like James make a living working at a full-time job but are also volunteers for the association. Time is always a high demand!

Before they became Membee users, they were running their small membership-based association through “excel spreadsheets, (they were) doing manual work that was highly labor-intensive,” James shared.

It All Starts With Automations

Running automations allow your organization to do less manual work and be more efficient with your administrative time. James and the CMBA Atlantic have used the automation feature in Membee, which takes care of managing membership renewals, invoicing, reminders, etc for the association. James shares his experience with us about how Membee manages his memberships:

“I don’t use Membee so much on a day-to-day basis, it’s set up to be automated so it can process our memberships and does all the invoices automatically, receive payments automatically, we don’t have to do much manually.”

James Shinners, President of CMBA Altantic

CMBA Atlantic Focuses on Being More Consumer-Facing

While automations help the association spend less time on the heavy administrative work, they also get to start focusing on expanding their association. CMBA Atlantic decided to become more consumer-facing on their website. They built a directory for their consumers to look for a mortgage broker, but also have an exclusive, member-only directory for industry partners hidden via a Membee login.

The whole idea of the association is to promote mortgage brokers in Atlantic Canada, so when we redesigned our website, we made it consumer-facing as opposed to being a website intended to recruit members. We have two directories. One is the mortgage broker directory that is more consumer-focused and a second directory behind a Membee login for mortgage brokers to access an industry partner directory – if a mortgage broker needs to locate somebody in a bank or a rep, they can get the information from our directory”

James Shinners, President of CMBA Atlantic
CMBA Atlantic’s public directory for consumers, located on their website

Promoting the Directory Through a Facebook Ad to Drive Traffic

For a couple of months, CMBA Atlantic has been promoting their consumer-driven, mortgage brokers directory through a Facebook Ad to reach a demographic of consumers who have searched for mortgage information, mortgage calculators and even real estate related searches – this is an innovative way to use social media to drive traffic!

Using Facebook ads allow you to set the demographic you want to reach to better target your ad. Additionally, you can see the ads insights almost immediately, allowing you to gauge the success of the ad. What better way to promote your directory by placing this powerful resource right into your consumer’s hands!

Through the Facebook Ad, you can pretty much launch it right away. In the 60 days, 7500 people in Atlantic Canada saw the ad and double that in the number of impressions. We also have about 200 people who have clicked on the link to find a local broker.”

James Shinners, President of CMBA Altantic

What Mary, a Board Member, Has To Say About Membee

“Membee has been a huge administrative time saver! Knowing all the
invoicing is taken care of, along with membership renewals and
reminders, it allows us much more time for recruitment and education so Brokers know the benefits of becoming a CMBA member. It also allows us the ability to share with the consumer what a Mortgage Broker does and how we are the professionals when it comes to assisting them with their mortgage needs.”

Mary Major Allen, Director – Nova Scotia

About the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association Atlantic

The Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association – Atlantic is a not-for-profit based in Halifax, Canada! They represent mortgage consumers and mortgage brokers in all four Atlantic Provinces with regulators and industry partners. CMBA Atlantic exists to support and enhance the professionalism and ethical standards within the growing mortgage broker industry of Atlantic Canada. They use Membee to establish a members-only area on their website, manage their membership life cycle, and organize events to complement their growing membership!

To visit their Facebook and Website, click on the icons below!

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

To learn more about Membee’s directory feature, jump to our guide by clicking here (Membee login required).

If you have any questions regarding Membee or if you would like to share your story with Membee for a chance to be featured in a blog, please contact Membee support staff at

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