The Hive Unites At The Coming User Group Conference in June 2019!

The Membee User Group Conference, hosted by a group of Membee users, is just around the corner and our staff at Membee are excited to announce that we will be attending and participating! The Membee User Group Conference is a great learning opportunity and experience for your organization whether new or experienced!

What is the Membee User Group?

The Membee User Group was formed in 2001 by a group of users who got together to share ideas on improving their organization by taking greater advantage of Membee’s features. The self-organized and self-run group is designed as a community for all Membee peer users to connect about best business practices and ways to grow with Membee.

The Annual User Group Conference is organized specifically by the user group and invites Membee staff to the Conference to discuss ideas, implementation solutions, exclusive training opportunities, and more!

Membee User Group Meeting in 2018

Why Attend?

Over the years, we’ve seen new faces and familiar faces come and grow from attending the annual Membee User Group conference. As guests of the Membee User Group Conference, we see this as an amazing space for new and experienced Membee users to come together to share their voice, ideas, and experiences! There are always new ways to use Membee more effectively – so your time will be invaluable!

The Perks of Attending

While our Membee team may be participants of the conference, we also provide an immense amount of knowledge to help you grow and succeed! There are several perks to attending the Membee User Group conference:

  1. Face to Face Interaction and Training
    • An invaluable training opportunity from Membee’s support and development team, including presentations!
  2. What’s Been Buzzing In The Hive
    • We share the new features have been buzzing around the hive since the last time we met
  3. Exclusive Sneak Peeks
    • You get an exclusive sneak peek of upcoming future updates and releases before its seen by anyone else. Once it’s released, you’ll be able to hit the ground running with the new features
  4. Incredible Discussion Groups
    • Participate in discussion groups with other fellow Membee users and share tips, tricks, and best practices with one another
  5. Share Your Improvement Ideas
    • Get the chance to share your enhancement & improvement ideas directly to our Membee team
  6. Get Confident with Membee
    • Best of all, leave the conference feeling more confident with Membee’s features and capabilities. Whether you’re a new Membee user or an existing expert, you’ll be sure to leave with a deeper understanding and new ways to grow your organization!

What Our Past Attendees Have To Say

Interested in seeing what our past attendees have to say? You can also see more testimonials by clicking here.

“ I attended last year’s Membee Users Group, and found it to be a great experience. We had implemented Membee in our Chamber effective June 1st of that year, so I was completely new and feeling a bit overwhelmed. The conference provided me with practical information, access to experts, and a better understanding of what the software can do and how best to use it. Even more valuable was the interaction with the other users in the room – they were all very supportive and shared their challenges, best practices, ideas and tips for how to make the most of Membee with your organization. ”

Anna Murre – Executive Director, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

“I look forward to attending this conference every year. It is extremely helpful being able to connect with other Membee users, find out what is happening behind the scenes, have a chance to ask questions and give suggestions on what we would like to see changed/improved and of course to get to spend some time with the Membee staff! While all the information covered does not necessarily apply to my Association and how we use Membee, I still wouldn’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn and explore.”

Jodie Whitley – Canadian Reiki Association

“After attending the Membee conference last year I had a better understanding of Membee. We had only been using Membee for a little over 4 months at the time of the conference. It was great to see other chambers in our area that use Membee as well that I knew we could call on them if needed. I learned a great deal and liked the fact that Membee takes time to ask what our wish list is for the program. I would like to attend the conference again this year since I know we are still not using Membee to its full potential and want to learn more. “

Kim Whitehead – General Manager, Woodstock District Chamber of Commerce

“For me, the best benefit was the direct contact with the Membee Help Desk Personnel. Being able to directly ask questions relating to our specific membership needs was invaluable. By attending the meeting, it absolutely allowed us to use Membee better. The hints and tips provided by the staff as well as other users were fantastic. After implementing the things we learned and discussed, certain items such as event planning have been streamlined and made more user-friendly. The meeting is an excellent opportunity to meet other Membee users and Membee staff to discuss common issues, ideas, and to learn about future upgrades to the user system”

Nicole Bond – Membership & Registration Coordinator, Interferry

How Do I Attend?

If you’re an active Membee user and are interested in attending this year’s Membee User Group Conference, the first step is to join the Membee User Group Conference by joining the Facebook group. All the details of the Membee User Group Conference are posted in this Facebook group as an announcement.

Click here to request to join the User Group on Facebook

The seats are limited and it’s on a first come, first served basis – don’t wait to register!

A Thank You To The Host

For many years, we’ve been honored to have the Membee User Group chairperson, Kathryn Newell, plan and put together the Membee User Group Conference. Kathryn is the Membership Service Coordinator at the Burlington Chamber of Commerce. Without Kathryn’s dedication, the Membee User Group Conference wouldn’t be such an amazing experience! On behalf of the attendees and the Membee team, we’d like to thank you for your incredible efforts to create an invaluable experience for everyone!

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

To learn more about Membee’s User Group and see more testimonials, jump to our guide by clicking here

If you have any questions regarding Membee or if you would like to share your story with Membee for a chance to be featured in a blog, please contact Membee support staff at

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Kathryn Newell

I am looking forward to seeing old friends/users and meeting new ones this year!

Regarding Membee staff, we will miss Cory this year (he’s still with Membee) but we will welcome Tyler again after a few years of user group hiatus. I wonder if he still has his bee toque! It will be nice to see Julie again, she got married last year and, as always, we love to have our Kathy with us.

I love getting ready for this conference, it’s so informative and fun as well.

Please register soon!