ATVBC Increases Member Retention by 50%

Quad Riders ATV Association of BC (ATVBC) saw an increase in their member retention by using Membee’s automated renewal paired with the eBilling widget! You won’t need to manually process invoices and emails any longer – getting paid quicker is just a few clicks away!

Let’s imagine – how would you invoice your member renewals without the ability to pay online? Do you patiently wait for cheque to be cut and mailed back? Quad Riders ATV Association of BC (ATVBC) took matters in their own hands when they became Membee users to automate it all!

Receive Your Revenues Quicker

It starts with getting the eBilling widget setup – it’s quick and easy! Like all of Membee’s membership widgets, we provide the widget’s script for you to embed into a new page on your website.

When the eBilling widget is active, new membership due invoices is sent to the member through an email with a unique link URL that directs them to their online invoice on your website. With just one click, the member can see their invoice and pay online without leaving your site! As a member, renewing your membership just got easier! The less hassle it is, the more likely they will renew.  

Next… Save Your Time & Automate It!

Setting up your eBilling is very simple, but when it comes to your renewals, it is crucial that you’re not posting invoices and emailing them manually. As your organization grows, manual work can become very taxing.

To help complement your growth, the best practice for your organization is to automate the renewal process! Here’s what Membee’s automated renewal can do for you:

  • Automatically creates and posts the new invoice – Membee checks daily for invoices to post
  • Emails the new invoice automatically to the member using an email template
  • You have full control of the communication content in the email template where Membee can pull the unique URL to the member’s invoice.
  • Lets you focus on your organization while you receive your revenues as quickly as possible through the eBill
  • Did we mention? You can simply sit back and relax and your invoices will go out no matter what!

Automated Reminders Maximize Membership Retention and Revenue

After you send out your invoices, you’ll need to wait until your members renew. ATVBC took it to the next level and set automated reminder emails that will keep their members notified if their membership hasn’t been renewed yet.

Now, as Janice waits, the active automations in Membee can encourage her members to pay sooner than later and increase the organization’s membership retention and revenues!

Increase Your Membership by 100%

Janice Baker, the office manager of Quad Riders ATV Association of BC, saw an increase of 50% in the membership retention as a result of the automated invoicing capability that Membee executes effectively! Their membership numbers have now doubled but due to Membee’s automation, they haven’t required additional volunteers and staff as they would’ve previously with their manual processes. With the help of Membee, growing their organization became a true testament.

Membee allows us to manage our membership simply, from sign-up to annual invoicing, with a full range of member options and reporting. Our membership has doubled and we are managing the increase without additional staff – Membee saves us that much time! Annual invoicing, done automatically by Membee (via email or letter mail) has increased membership retention by over 50%, allowing our organization to double its membership in two years. Automation of previously manual processes (reporting, invoicing, etc.) has allowed our organization to grow substantially without needing additional staff.

Janice Baker, Office Manager – Quad Riders ATV Association of British Columbia

About Quad Riders ATV Association of BC

Quad Riders ATV Association of BC is the voice of responsible All Terrain Vehicle Owners in BC. The association commits to improving the perceptions of the sport through advocating safe and environmentally responsible riding. ATVBC and its members advocate for shared trails through responsible use, collaboration with other user groups, and volunteer contribution around the province of BC, Canada.

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