A Growing Benefit: Exclusive Access to Valuable Member-Only Resources

Grow your member’s benefits by providing exclusive access to valuable resources such as videos, documents, news, events, services, and more! An increasing number of organizations are tightly securing their content to increase the value of their memberships by using Membee’s Member Single Sign-On. Being a member just got even better!

As the trend and demand for organizations to secure member resources to emphasize the importance of becoming a member and receiving invaluable benefits is growing. Membee’s member single sign-on (MSSO) helps elevate your membership benefits by providing an easy one-click method to secure your member resources!

The Benefits of Securing Content With Membee’s Login

Membee’s MSSO system is tightly integrated with WordPress through an easy-to-use Login Plugin. There are numerous benefits to securing your page content by using Membee’s login plugin in WordPress:

Increase Member BenefitsBy providing access to exclusive resources and content, your members gain more for their membership
True Member Single Sign-OnMembers would only need one login to be logged into everything including exclusive content and the membership features. Members won’t be prompted to log in again in their visit
New Members Gain Access AutomaticallyNew members can gain access automatically and immediately if they activate their login.
Automatic Login DeactivationMembers who cancel or don’t renew will immediately have their access revoked along with their membership
You Have Full Control Control the access of all your membership features, tools, and content on your site
Secure Content To Specific Member GroupsGo beyond “members only” and secure content to a specific group of members such as committees, board members, or others by utilizing Membee’s Access Roles
No Coding NecessaryMembee’s Login Plugin in WordPress handles it all for you, the set up takes only a few minutes
All For FREEThe Plugin is FREE and there are no additional costs!

What Content Can I Secure?

Any content can be secured – if it’s on a page, it can be secured! We’ve seen many organizations use membee for exclusive resources for members that include best practices, access to recorded webinars and seminars, documents, and more!

When your page is secured, all the content within the page is not visible to the public and can only be accessed with a valid Membee login. Non-members will simply see that they need to login to see further resources.

Why WordPress?

For many reasons! WordPress is an established leader in Content Management Systems (CMS) for websites. It’s the most popular CMS solution and is being used by over 19 million websites and holds 50-60% of the global CMS market share.

WordPress has over 29,000 plugin add-ons with it’s “open-source” philosophy that allows the community of contributors to give back – a natural connection that membership-based organizations are very familiar with!

I Use WordPress, How Does It Work?

Membee strongly integrates with WordPress by using the Membee WordPress Login Plugin. The plugin makes it incredibly easy to make your pages secured – all it takes is one simple click to secure your pages and another click to save the settings! Take a look for yourself:

I Don’t Have a WordPress Site

If you’re using another Content Management Systems (CMS) aside from WordPress, that’s no problem – you can also use Membee’s Member Single Sign-On Service (MSSO). It will take a little more time from your team to code the MSSO. As well, there are selected CMS providers that do not have the technical functionality to support this feature – don’t hesitate to ask our Membee team if your CMS might meet the criteria to secure your content!

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

To learn more about Membee’s single sign-on feature, jump to our help guide below:

Implementing Membee’s WordPress MSSO (membee login required)

If you have any questions regarding Membee or if you would like to share your story with us for a chance to be featured in a blog, please contact Membee support staff at support@membee.com.

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