Get Paid Faster with Membee’s Renewal Automations

“Rather than spending time chasing overdue payments, we find that the majority of our members are now paying on average 30 days sooner than they were before we automated our invoicing process” says Anna Murre, the Executive Director of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.

We can all agree that membership-based organizations are driven by memberships and sometimes, it may feel like it takes a whole lot more to get one person to simply renew AND renew on time. Do your members see the benefit of renewing? We would be spending all of our attention notifying members to renew that by the end of the day, we don’t have time for anything else!

Membee provides the best solution to ensure that members renew. Period. Even earlier than you might think, much like what the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce experienced.

What You Can Automate

Membee can take care of your full membership life cycle by automating the entire process! There are four main components that we consider to be the fundamentals of the life cycle which may be automated. These include:

  • Signing up new members
  • Invoicing for renewals
  • Following up and sending reminders for outstanding invoices
  • Cancelling membership

Let Membee Automatically Do It For You

We can’t emphasize it enough – our automation feature is a crucial part of your membership’s success and the key to receiving your revenues quicker. Membee can handle your renewal process for you so that you don’t need to make a move! Without Membee, you would be doing twice the amount of work that Membee would be doing for you.

6 Steps When You Renewing Members Manually0 Steps With Membee’s Automation
1. You will manually post the new membership invoice1. Membee posts and emails the invoice to the member
2. You will email the membership invoice to the member2. Membee sends multiple reminders to the member to inform them about the outstanding invoice
3. You will need to monitor who hasn’t paid for their membership by running reports3. Membee cancels members who are significantly overdue (status is changed, invoices are written off, login and directory listings are deactivated) and will notify the member of their cancellation
4. You will email to members who have unpaid invoices to remind them to renew
5. You will need to continue to monitor who hasn’t paid for their membership by running reports
6. You will be required to manually cancel unpaid memberships by running a report to change their status, write-off invoices, deactivate their member login and directory listings, etc, and email the member about their cancellation

Stop Chasing Overdue Payments!

This is exactly what Lincoln Chamber of Commerce did when they let Membee handle their renewals – stopped chasing overdue payments. Membee’s automated reminders help you stop chasing overdue payments by letting it remind members for you!

The end goal was to better delegate their limited resources to reflect how to best grow their Chamber. Membee was able to help free up their limited resources and time while increasing the speed of member renewals!

“We’re a smaller organization that has limited resources, both in terms of manpower and finances. Implementing Membee has allowed us to free up more time to spend on the tasks that bring value to our members, as well as improving our receivables and collections dramatically. Rather than spending time chasing overdue payments, we find that the majority of our members are now paying on average 30 days sooner than they were before we automated our invoicing process.”

Anna Murre, Executive Director – Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

I Want To Get My Time Back Too!

You can always gain some time back by setting up Membee’s automations, whether you’re a new or a long-time user! We’ve provided instructional videos for you to follow to set up your automations to best fit your members and your membership renewal cycle. Start getting your time back today!

Click here to see how you can stop doing work and get your time back!

About Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to growing and sustaining the economic prosperity of their community by serving, connecting and representing their members. They are a non-profit, membership-driven organization which supports and represents over 260 local businesses, civic organizations and tourism-based businesses in the Town of Lincoln. They became a user of Membee in early 2018 and have seen an improvement in their membership management processes as you can see in their success story!

To visit their Website, Facebook, or Instagram, click the icons below!

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

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