Let Your Members Update Their Own Profile Information On Your Site

Let your members have full control over their personal information by setting up Membee’s profile widget on your site. It’s time to stop doing additional work to manage and update your member’s information when your members can easily make the change!

When a member moves to a different address, changes employers, has a new email address or phone number, etc, they need to update their profile information.

As the demographics of all members have gradually shifted and information is more readily available, members have the expectation to manage their own member profile and information at hand. With Membee, your members can use a personalized login to access their member account from your website to view their information and make the corresponding updates in a buzz!

First On The List: Keeping It Secured

One of the most important steps for a fully personalized member experience is a member login. Without a login, Membee wouldn’t know who the member is and the member wouldn’t be able to access their own profile information. 

As an example, as you can see below, if Nicola wants to edit her profile information on the association’s site, she inputs her login information first. Once logged in, she can view and edit her profile information.

Can I Change What Fields Are Displayed in The Member’s Profile?

Yes & absolutely! You have field-by-field control over what information will display in the profile widget. The profile page is the central hub for all your member’s information and it’s directly connected with the back-end of your Membee database. If a member makes a change, it’s immediately changed in the member’s record in Membee.

Here are some of the basic profile settings that you can change the settings for and optimize:

  • Individual member profile or Organization profile information
  • Member’s stored card and card usage settings
  • Login Preferences
  • Basic information (name, image, etc)
  • Communication information (email, website, phone, etc)
  • Address
  • Employer
  • Financial history
  • Participation history
  • Directory listing (listing description, add/remove listings, etc)
  • Custom additional information section

The order of these sections can be reordered to best fit your organization just by dragging and dropping the sections as seen below.

All Profile Updates Are Tracked In Membee

When a member updates their profile information, the change is tracked under their member record in Membee. You can also change the settings of the profile widget to notify you through email when a member makes an update to their profile.

For example, let’s say Nicola needed to change her phone number and has her own mailing address now. When she makes the change in her profile information, the changes are detailed under the history of her member record, as you can see below.

Membee Keeps You In The Loop of Profile Changes

Not only does Membee track this information in the member’s record, but staff members can be notified when a member makes a profile update through email notifications. All it takes is one simple click to select which staff user receives the email notifications!

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

Learn more about Membee’s profile widget by clicking here (login required).

If you have any questions regarding Membee or if you would like to share your story with us for a chance to be featured in a blog, please contact Membee support staff at support@membee.com.

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