Securing Your Members-Only Directory To Protect Member Privacy

Cote Saint-Luc Men’s Club shares how Membee’s member-only capability has helped them to secure their directory and other resources to protect their member’s privacy, keeping their member’s information confidential.

To us, it’s a no-brainer. It’s important to keep your member’s information protected. The level of protection also varies between each organization, some higher than others. It’s highly beneficial for some organizations to disclose their member information publicly, while on the contrary, other organizations may value keeping their member’s information more confidential. 

Cote Saint-Luc Men’s Club’s (CSL Men’s Club) goal is to keep their member’s information hidden from the public, primarily to prevent soliciting and access to their directory.

About Cote Saint-Luc Men’s Club

Cote Saint-Luc Men’s Club is the greatest social club you can join, for the 55+ community. You will meet old and new friends, participate in numerous activities, hear from interesting speakers, discuss relevant topics and share experiences, including outings to points of interest.

They have members who have learned to paint without any past experience, who plays golf with peers, who argue in a friendly manner or participate in various group activities that are designed to stimulate both mental and physical well-being.

As well, designed to include spouses/partners, live entertainment, movies, and informative programs are scheduled throughout the year in Montreal and Florida.

Why Use a Members-Only Directory?

It depends! There are a few defining factors that would help you decide if you should keep your directory private or not.

Private directories are commonly used in associations where members receive the benefit to network with other members. It can also be used to protect your member’s information to keep it confidential.

Public directories are commonly used in chambers and associations where members are looking to gain more exposure and in turn, customers, for their businesses. It’s a key member benefit to publicize themselves!

Here is a breakdown of these defining factors:

Private DirectoryPublic Directory
Designed to connect your members to one another exclusivelyDesigned to publicly promote your members
Access to the private directory is a membership benefitPromotion and exposure is a membership benefit
Only members can contact other membersAny site visitors can contact your members (member or non-member)
Securing member information from solicitorsVisitors have full access to advertise to the member list

How CSL Men’s Club Utilizes Membee’s Directory

CSL Men’s Club uses a private directory for its members. David G, the 2nd Vice President of CSL Men’s Club, shares that their directory is situated in their “Member’s Corner” that is designed for members to access member-only content, the directory being one of them. 

The primary reason to secure the member directory is to prevent soliciting from companies and organizations who would highly benefit from accessing CSL Men’s Club’s directory. Given the demographics of CSL Men’s Club, member privacy and confidentiality needs to be taken seriously. Their member’s information is like a secret gold mine to the public!

“We secure the directory because we don’t want businesses to access it and send any materials to our members, we try to prevent soliciting. They would LOVE to get into our directory and member list. It keeps the member’s information confidential and it respects the privacy of our members.”

David Gandell, 2nd Vice President of CSL Men’s Club

CSL Men’s Club’s Word of Advice

“We’ve been very pleased with the login capability. It’s very easy to manage and computer friendly. Even with our older demographic, it’s all very seamless and error-free…  Depending on your organization, because we’re a men’s only senior’s club and apart of the city, our main concern is that nobody can access our members information for privacy reasons so we keep our members confidential. The login capability would be beneficial (for an organization who might be interested in using it) given if you needed this type of resource.”

David Gandell

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