Get An In-Depth Look At Your Event Sales

Membee’s event reporting will provide you all the information you need about your registrants and attendees. Whether your event is in the past, or if it’s tomorrow, in months, or a year away, the reporting system will always be beneficial and applicable for whenever you need it!

Events are constantly evolving and no matter what stage of event planning you’re in, event reporting can always provide you better insight into your sales and registrations. Whether you’re looking for the total sales, who registered for events, what size of t-shirt they ordered, Membee’s most commonly used event report, “Event Details” will give you the information you need!

Let’s look at an example! The Any Association has its annual leadership event coming in a month and Lisa Doe needs to update the board about the progress of the event’s sales. Lisa can run the “Event Details” report to get a sales summary of her event, a detailed report about the attendee or purchasers, and a personalized attendee itinerary to remind registrants about the event.

A Quick One-Page Summary Of Your Event Purchases

The “Event Details” report can produce a one-page PDF summary of your event. Usually, this summary is used if you’re only looking for the totals to date!

When Lisa runs the Event Details report, she can set it to provide an “Event Summary” for her leadership event to get a quick glance at the total sales. In the Event Summary report, Lisa will see the following in the PDF:

1. The total number of attendees registered including known and unknown counts

2. The total sales for each item including the number of attendees, and the paid and owing amounts

3. The total number of any attendee or item custom fields (eg. Dinner choices, T-shirt sizes, etc)

Get Detailed Information About Your Attendees

If the summary isn’t enough, the attendee event details report is generally used to find more detailed information about your attendee, which includes any custom information you’re gathering from your attendees.

For example, Lisa needs to know what size each member ordered to ensure that the correct member receives the correct size. Lisa can open the PDF to quickly preview the information and see the following:

  • Name of Attendee, Organization, and contact information
  • Item purchased and status of their sale (eg. Fully Paid or Owing)
  • Details about the custom field they selected (eg. T-Shirt Size: Small)
  • If there are missing fields, the PDF will make these fields more apparent in red font

Get Detailed Information About Registration Based On The Purchaser

There may be occasions where you’re looking for more detailed information based on who purchased the event registration. The purchaser event details report is primarily used in cases where you may have purchasers registering multiple attendees at once.

For example, there are two unknown attendees and Lisa needs to contact the purchaser to confirm their choice of t-shirt size. When Lisa runs this report to find sales based on the purchaser, the PDF will provide her the following information:

  • Purchaser name, organization, and contact information
  • Sales information including quantity of sales, the item purchased, and the custom attendee fields
  • Status of the sale (eg. Fully Paid or Owing)

Remind Your Attendees About The Event By Sending An Attendee Itinerary

As Lisa’s leadership event is just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to use the attendee itinerary report which generates and emails a personalized itinerary to remind her attendees about the event and confirm with them that their registration is correct.

When Lisa runs this report, she can preview the PDF of the itinerary that will be sent to the attendee. The following details are included in the itinerary:

  • Details of the attendee
  • Details about the registration item including description and choice of custom items (eg. Dinner and T-Shirt size)
  • Additional comments entered when running the report

Make Your Event Details Report into CSV

You might find that having a CSV export of the event details is more beneficial for you to search and reorganize the data. For example, ordering your items by alphabetical order. All of these reports can be exported into CSV format so that you can sort the information in your own way!

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