Present Additional Items During Sign Up To Engage New Members

Make it easy for your new members to be engaged with your organization right from the time they sign up! Include the option to register for an upcoming event, suggest a voluntary donation or require a mandatory professional fee – all completed during sign up.

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When a new member joins, their interest in your organization is at a peak. Your organization can utilize this great opportunity to highly engage them by presenting additional items to complement their new membership purchase. It’s a convenient way to highlight membership benefits that they might not know of and in turn, complete their new membership purchase and register for an event at the same time, for example. 

What Can I Upsell During Sign Up?

You can include an unlimited number of additional items on your new member sign up form. Here are some of the most popular examples:

  • One-time only purchases (eg. upcoming event registrations)
  • Additional Advertising Opportunities (eg. directory listings)
  • Voluntary purchases (eg. donation)
  • Mandatory purchases (eg. professional insurance)

Promote An Upcoming Event’s Registration

If events are a major member benefit for your members, you’ll want to promote and remind them about an upcoming event by giving them the opportunity to register for an event at the same time they sign up.

As you can see below, the event registration is completed within the membership sign up process at their convenience. On the back-end, Membee will treat these as different transactions even though the member pays it all in one purchase, keeping your reporting separate, clear, and accurate.

Offer Additional Directory Listings or Advertising Opportunities

You may have a directory, newsletter, magazines, or other advertising collateral that you can offer to members at an additional cost. This is a perfect place to let new members know that at an additional cost, they can be promoted in these different marketing collaterals. As you can see below, the advertising opportunities and the membership level are paid together during sign up.

Gather a Voluntary Donation

For members who may want to support your organization through a voluntary donation, they can do so during their sign up. You might have some new members who aren’t aware that your organization accepts voluntary contribution and this is a great opportunity to display it! You can even present a suggested amount!

Apply a One Time Administrative Fee

These types of fees can vary from administration fee, insurance fee, or a professional fee. You can gather this fee as part of the new member sign up process. Membee ensures that this is not set up as part of their ongoing membership renewal and will only charge this one-time fee at sign up.

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

To learn more about Membee’s eBilling and additional items, jump to our guide and click below:

Offer Additional Items During New Member Sign Up (Membee login required)

Require a Mandatory One-Time Fee During Sign Up (Membee login required)

If you have any questions regarding Membee or if you would like to share your story with us for a chance to be featured in a blog, please contact Membee support staff at

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