Upsell Your Membership, Events, And Donations to Renewing Members

When your members are renewing, you have their most undivided attention. This is the perfect time to conveniently offer membership upgrades, event registration, and voluntary donation options to your members while they’re renewing to increase revenue and member participation!

Membership renewals have deviated from mailing printed invoices and waiting for cheques to arrive. With a growing expectation that everything should be nearly instantaneous, it’s also expected that a member can renew and pay for their membership within a click away. By using Membee’s eBilling widget, members can access and pay for their invoice in 1… 2… 3 clicks! 

The membership renewal is one of the very few places where you truly have a member’s attention. This rare opportunity is a great place to offer additional items and upsell a membership, event, or a voluntary donation!

How to Get Paid Faster

Membee’s eBilling widget is designed to help you increase member retention, allowing members to pay immediately with a credit card. Setting up the eBilling widget follows a simple ‘copy and paste’ protocol to embed the widget on your site, similarly to all of Membee’s widgets.

For your members, the renewal process is as easy as 3 steps and takes less than a minute:

  1. Member receives their renewal dues invoice through email
  2. Member clicks the unique URL link that directs them to their online invoice displayed on your site. 
  3. With one click, your members can pay online with a credit card

Renewing your membership just got easier and while you still have their attention, you can easily offer additional items for members on their online invoice!

What Can I Upsell?

There are endless possibilities to what you can include as an additional item in the eBilling widget. There can be an unlimited number of additional items. Here are some of the most popular examples:

  • Optional purchases that permanently change a membership (eg. upgrade membership level)
  • One-time only purchases (eg. upcoming event registrations)
  • Voluntary purchases (eg. donation)
  • Mandatory purchases (eg. professional insurance)

Offer Permanent Membership Upgrades

One of the hottest trends we’re seeing across the hive is grouping membership benefits into different membership levels. For example, bronze, silver, gold memberships, etc.

By providing more upgrade opportunities, you can increase your membership revenues and membership engagement! While you still have the member’s attention, why not offer a bronze member the opportunity to move up into a Silver membership or a Gold membership.

Offer Event Registration During Renewal

Promote your events during membership renewal by giving members an opportunity to register for an upcoming event while renewing their membership! The member can complete their event registration right on the membership renewal invoice and pay in one go.

Membee’s financial reporting will be able to separate the membership renewal and the event purchase so that the purchases aren’t combined!

Gather a Voluntary Donation From Renewing Members

Increase your chances of receiving a voluntary donation by making it convenient for your members to donate during renewal!

By setting up a donation option for your members, they can easily donate to various initiatives while renewing their membership. You can even make a suggested donation amount!

Require A Mandatory Fee or Insurance

Your organization may require a mandatory fee or insurance purchase alongside with your member’s renewal. This is generally used in cases where members can select what type of insurance they would like to purchase.

Your additional items can be set to require one item to be purchased and “no item” is not an option!

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

To learn more about Membee’s eBilling and additional items, jump to our guide and click below:

eBilling (Membee login required)
Additional Items (Membee login required)

If you have any questions regarding Membee or if you would like to share your story with us for a chance to be featured in a blog, please contact Membee support staff at

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Melissa Dunstan

I really do wish y’all could change the “View Invoice” to “View Membership Renewal Form”, or something along those lines. That’s the #1 complaint that we hear from our members.

Lisa Hull

I agree. Being able to change the verbiage on invoices to better reflect what they represent provides clarity for members.