Automate Renewal Payments & Offer One Click Event Checkout With Card Vault

Increase your member retention rate and event sales by allowing members to store their card with Membee’s Card Vault. Card Vault can automatically process renewal payments and allow members to easily check out with their stored card.

The less effort it takes to purchase or renew, the more likely members would purchase an event ticket or renew their membership. By using Membee’s Card Vault feature, your members can enter their card information once, store the card securely to their profile, and make future payments easier and quicker – as easy as one click to charge the stored card.

How Does It Work?

Technically, your payment gateway stores the credit card information, not Membee. All credit card information is communicated directly to your payment gateway. Your gateway then gives Membee a secure pointer to the card information so that the card can be stored and charged.

Although Membee doesn’t store the card data directly, we’ve taken the extra step to be secured and PCI Compliant to best protect the safety and security of your member’s data.

There are a number of benefits to using Membee’s Card Vault feature:

  • The utmost secure connection between your copy of Membee and your payment gateway
  • Fully automate the renewal payment process to charge on the member’s stored card
  • Offer flexible membership periods such as monthly memberships with ease by automatically charging the member’s stored card
  • Easier one click checkout for event purchases
  • Members have full control over their credit card information

Let’s take a look at the membership life cycle for Jane MacDougal, a new member, as an example.

New Members Storing Credit Card During Sign Up

When Jane MacDougal completes the signup application to join the Hive Association, she selects to pay with a credit card. As you can see in the video above, the payment processing page allows her to select one of three options:

  1. Store her card to use for future purchases (events, renewals)
    • This option would not allow Membee to charge her membership dues automatically
    • She would have the option to use the stored card for renewal and event purchases to make checkout easier and quicker
  2. Automatically charge her membership renewal dues on this card
    • This option would allow Membee to charge her renewals automatically 
    • She can also use the stored card for future purchases during checkout
  3. Do not store her card
    • Only makes a one-time purchase on her card

As Jane chooses the second option to allow Membee to automatically charge her membership renewal, Membee will store her card and her future membership billing will be processed automatically on this card. She would also be able to process future event purchases on this card, let’s see how this would look for Jane when she tries to purchase a ticket to an upcoming conference.

Purchase Event Registration In One Click With a Stored Card

Jane wants to immediately get involved in an upcoming event and take advantage of the member prices. Shown above, Jane’s stored card ending in 1234 is ready to be charged without having to re-enter the card information! On the payment screen, all it takes is ONE click to charge the stored card, making checkout that much easier!

Automatically Renewing With A Stored Card

When it comes to the next renewal period, Membee will automatically charge Jane’s credit card on the same day her renewal is due since Jane chose to have her future renewals charged on the stored card (when she first joined).

On November 18, 2020, Jane’s membership will be charged on the stored card automatically. When her card is charged, she will receive an email notifying her that the stored card payment was either successful or unsuccessful. 

Members Can Control Their Own Card Information

Through Membee’s profile widget, your members have full control of their credit card information. Members can edit the card information or remove the stored card.

For example, when Jane’s card expires and she receives a new replacement card, Jane can edit the stored card on her profile to ensure that her future renewals are successfully charged without contacting the association.

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

The majority of Membee’s clients will have Card Vault automatically activated. If you’re unsure and would like to allow your members to store their card, contact our support staff at

If you would like to share your story with us for a chance to be featured in a blog, please email us at

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