All The Buzz In The Last 12 Months

As they say, “when a new door opens, another closes”. As we welcome 2020, it’s time to wrap up 2019’s amazing year and what all the buzz was in the Membee Hive!

We spent the valuable year exploring new and existing features while connecting with many of our users and giving them the spotlight! Let’s take a peek at what was all the buzz in 2019!


Selling Conditional Event Items

In events such as tradeshows, you may need to offer additional services such as electricity, additional tables, etc, for vendor booths. The catch is, only those who purchase a vendor booth get to purchase these additional items.

We introduced “Conditional Items,” which allow you to display additional items only after the first item is selected. So, only vendor booth purchasers can purchase electricity for their booth!

Marketing Your Past Events

What better way to show off how active your organization is by displaying your previous events in your event calendar. This gives prospective members the chance to visualize the value of joining your organization!


Draft Your Event & Preview

When creating an event, it might not be ready for the eyes of the public just yet. You can draft your event, leave it in Preview Mode while you make it look perfect, and publish it when you’re ready!

Sell Various Event Prices To Specific Membership Levels

Your organization may offer members with different membership tiers, different types of benefits. In Membee, take advantage of the ability to sell your event items at a different price based on the varying membership tiers!

For example, your Platinum members may pay less for event registrations while Bronze members pay more for the same event registration.


Your Directory As A Marketing Resource

Membee’s powerful directory capabilities is a win-win for everyone. For your members, your directory can be a potential marketing resource for their company to increase their visibility to potential consumers! As a result, your directory could be the central hub for your members.

Expanding Your Non-Dues Revenue

Get innovative with your revenue stream and offer unique ways to promote your members by selling additional or advanced directory listings. Options such as additional listings, featured listings, or specific keywords to ‘pop-to-the-top’ are potential opportunities to take advantage of.


Letting Membee Do The Work

We were able to connect with James from the Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association in Atlantic Canada, highlighting how automations has freed up their time, eliminating highly labor-intensive work, and how they were able to drive their focus to grow their organization and better promote their members!

Sell More, Convert More, and Add Membership Benefits

The endless possibilities of using promotional codes can allow you to incentivize purchases, motivate non-members to become members and offer discounts to premium members to increase sales! Dive deeper into potential promotional codes you can utilize in 2020 and see common examples!


A Sneak Peek At the 2019 User Group Conference

The Membee User Group Conference is hosted and organized by a group of Membee users. We give a sneak peek about why you should be at one including attendee testimonials from the previous conference in 2018!

Using Promo Codes That Best Suit Your Organization

Hike Nova Scotia shared their story with us about how they use Membee’s promo codes feature to grow their organization!

As their membership offers various hands-on hiking experiences, they include a free membership voucher in their hiking pamphlets to increase membership opportunities for new hikers!

Membee’s Effortless Referral Program

We offer a chance for existing Membee users to use Membee for free by lending a helping hand to a friend through Membee’s referral program! It’s effortless on your end!


Ramp Up Your Member Retention With Automations

Quad Riders ATV Association of BC (ATVBC) share their success with using Membee’s automation to increase their member retention by a double amount! Janice from ATVBC shares that Membee has been able to save them a lot of time by using Membeeā€™s automations feature.

2019 Users Group Recap

In June, we were honoured to speak at the Users Group Conference in Burlington, Ontario. The two-day conference brought together discussion groups, feedback, confidence, and invaluable relationships! See what our attendees had to say!


Tightly Secure Content with Membee’s Member Single Sign-On

Increase your member benefits by providing exclusive members-only content that allows valuable resources to be secure and exclusive. As simple as one click, you can secure the pages on your WordPress site to require members to login with their Membee login before accessing members-only pages.

Stop Doing Work And Get Your Time Back!

Anna from Lincoln Chamber of Commerce stopped chasing overdue payments and so can you! Membee’s automations can handle renewing your members, reminding members, and cancelling delinquent members all automatically for you.


The Benefits of a Private Directory

It’s not always about promoting externally. Internally is just as important too! Cote Saint-Luc Men’s Club utilizes Membee’s directory as a private, members-only directory. Members have the opportunity to contact each other, but outside entities and solicitors aren’t able to access the member’s information. This allows Membee to keep your member’s information protected.

Members Have Control Over Their Information

There is a growing expectation that members can manage their own information without contacting your organization. Simple changes such as email address changes, address changes, employer changes, etc, can all be managed by your member so you don’t need to lift a finger!


Quick or Detailed Reporting of Your Event Sales

No matter what stage of planning you’re in, gathering better insight in your sales can always be beneficial information. Using Membee’s most common “Event Details” report can give you all the information you need.

Eliminate All Manual Work To Manage Members-Only Pages

Mensa Canada expresses how Membee’s automated login capability has removed the need to manually manage member login for over 2000 members and now, it’s no longer a chore! They can now easily secure resources such as publication documents, newsletters, directory, contact information, by-laws, and more!


Conveniently Offer Additional Items During Member Renewal

When members renew, offer the opportunity for members to either register for a new event, donate to the organization, or upgrade their membership to increase their member involvement and your potential revenues!

Offer Additional Purchases During Member Sign Up

New members can immediately participate in your membership benefits during sign up by registering for an event and/or making a voluntary donation with Membee’s additional items feature – you can require a mandatory admin or professional fee during sign up too!


Boost The Sale Of Multiple Items

With Membee’s Conditional Promo Codes, you can offer a discounted second item after the sale of the first item to increase participation and sales. When a member purchases an item, they will automatically receive a personalized invitation containing a promo code for a different item.

Automated Payments & Quick Event Checkout

Get paid faster with Membee’s Card Vault feature that allows members to store their cards on their profile. Members have the option to completely automate their membership renewal payments with a stored card and even purchase event registrations with one-click!

Welcoming 2020

Our Membee team is excited for this upcoming year of new and improved features for all our users. We’re looking forward to what this 2020 year will be buzzing with!

Thanks for the great year. We wish everyone a great 2020 year!

If you have any questions regarding Membee, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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