Membee Complete: An All-In-One Membership System & Modern Website

Membee is excited to announce a new opportunity for new and existing clients – known as “Membee Complete.” Get Membee, the membership management system, and a new, modern, and mobile-friendly membership website in an all-in-one user subscription rate!

Conventional custom websites can be frustrating when it’s time-consuming to make even the slightest change on your site. Your membership website deserves an uplift that best integrates with your membership management system, like Membee! 

Membee Complete makes it easy for you to make changes and customize your site to best match the content you want to display for your members.

Featured Membee Complete Sites

Click on a site below to see a live and real Membee Complete site with your own eyes!

Key Features

Modern Mobile-Friendly Design

The fully responsive design allows your members to view your website optimally, whether on a desktop, tablet, or on-the-go via smartphone.

Board-Friendly Pricing

That’s right – no large capital outlay or up-front costs! All you need to do is just subscribe. It’s board and cost-friendly!

Next-Generation Editor

You have the ability to control the different custom page layouts that best suits your content. The easy-to-use editor makes it easy for normal and non-technical people to manage their pages and menus. You heard that right, no technical knowledge required! 

Limitless Package

It’s truly unlimited at no additional costs. Your website includes an unlimited website hosting package. That means unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited pages, unlimited content! 

One Vendor

That’s us – one system to manage it all. Streamline your membership management system and membership website into one place, making it much easier to manage and get support. That too, you can get support from right within your site!

To see all of Membee Complete’s site management features, please visit our features page by clicking here.

Setup Services Provided

As part of your implementation process, we set up the foundation of your website for you so that you’re prepared for success. This is free of charge and included in your implementation! 

Some of the key set-up services included are:

  1. Augmenting your brand
    • We colour match the site to your branding. All we need is a high-resolution vector-based version of your logo and we make it happen
  2. WordPress & Unlimited Hosting
    • We set up and configure your WordPress and website hosting including unlimited bandwidth and storage, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), weekly backups and redundant monitoring 24 / 7 / 365
  3. Integrate Membee’s Widgets
    • No need to worry about integrating Membee’s membership features on your site – we activate, configure, style, and embed Membee’s widgets and features (events, member profiles, directory, new member sign up, etc) for you.

You can find a full list of the Site Set-Up Services Provided on our site by clicking here.

Site Add-Ons

Membee Complete has access to more than 55,000 plugins that include additional features on your site. In the case that you require an additional feature on your site, we offer these features as “add-ons” at an additional cost that includes set-up services for the add-on!

The most popular add-ons are:

  1. Job Boards
    • Members-only job board that permits job listings from members
  2. Secured Resource Library
    • Members-only document repository for easy document downloads
  3. Bilingual Content & Menus
    • Specify two languages for your site and manage both page content and menus easily, allowing the member to switch between languages on the fly
  4. Ad Rotation
    • Easily display multiple advertisements on your site with an ad rotation tool

You can find a full list of Site Add-Ons by visiting our site here

Get Started

It starts with choosing your design! Membee offers 4 designs that you can choose from:

Already Using Membee?

We’ll start by providing a cost comparison of your current subscription to Membee Complete, information on migrating, and schedule a demo of Membee Complete.

New To The Hive?

If you’re looking to implement Membee Complete, choose your design and complete the demo form in the button below to schedule a demo of Membee Complete.


If you have further questions about Membee Complete, please contact our client services team at

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