Collierville Chamber Increases Website and Membership Effectiveness

With Membee Complete, Collierville Chamber of Commerce buzzes about their freedom to easily customize their website’s content, allowing them to better represent their Chamber and fully automate their workflow from their website to their membership data!

Are you frustrated with your existing website and unsatisfied with the limited capabilities and features you can utilize? Are you looking for a website that can reflect your brand? 

You might be in the same position as the Collierville Chamber of Commerce was before they found Membee Complete! Because of Membee Complete, they have been able to implement a website consistent with their branding and streamline their membership management all at once.

What Motivated the Collierville Chamber?

The Collierville Chamber started its search for a new website as it outgrew its previous website. The limited capabilities were hindering their ability to effectively promote and reflect their Chamber’s brand. As a result, it was time to explore options that could fit their needs not just for today, but as they grew.

Keith from Collierville Chamber shared that they were on a ‘two-pronged approach’:

  1. Needed to create and design a new website
  2. Needed a membership management system for their needs

Membee Complete’s seamless integration between the two was exactly what they needed to complement the Chamber’s growth!

“When we came across Membee, we really liked the management system and we wanted to manage the website portion of it – this seemed like it could be an all-in-one package so our decision was based on the fact that we could put the two things together. The integration of both the member management system and the website was crucial in that decision. ”

Keith, Vice President, Collierville Chamber of Commerce

The Freedom To Customize Content

Keith and Jordan were ecstatic about the flexibility in Membee Complete, allowing them to edit their site and customize & manage the content!

Here are the key features that they highlighted:

  1. Customization: easy to learn and adapt to. There are many ways to manage their content and you don’t need to stick with one method, but can fully customize your pages
  2. Photo Gallery (paid add-on): perfect to use for events as a great selling tool for future events, a recap of the events where members can download photos to use, and for sponsors
  3. Integration with Membee: event registration and sign up pages fully automates and completes the workflow for them from the website to Membee
  4. Delivery: when the website was handed over from Membee to the Chamber, the process was really smooth

“The capability to go in and add things – Jordan is great at graphics and can easily work with the process with WordPress. Overall, I’ve worked on several websites in the past and this was just a really smooth process. Even when we got it back, for us to go in and build it out exactly how we wanted it to be… you can go in and work on it yourself.”

Keith, Vice President, Collierville Chamber of Commerce

Start Your Migration With A Plan

Keith shared a word of advice for those thinking of taking advantage of Membee Complete to start with a plan of what you’re looking to do:

You have to go in with a plan of how you want to use it to get the best out of it… We were able to plan out what we wanted to begin with and allocated the time where we’re working on nothing else but this for a period of time. Understanding what’s possible because Membee has so many great features, we found ourselves saying “hang on a minute, let’s just focus on what we need to do to get this done and launched” and then we can go back and utilize all the exciting things.

Kevin, Vice President, Collierville Chamber of Commerce

About The Collierville Chamber of Commerce

Collierville Chamber of Commerce Logo

The Collierville Chamber provides a broad scope of opportunities, services and resources specifically focused on helping businesses prosper. Benefits of membership include business promotion, business advocacy, connectivity to resources, representation on legislation, and business to business relationships.

To visit their Website, Facebook, or Twitter, click the icons below!

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