Easily Promote Events, Secure Content, And Add Extra Features With Membee Complete

Membership websites like Membee Complete focus on features and functionalities that retain your members and encourage non-members to join your organization effectively!

First, we hope you’re safe, healthy, and well. As the recent COVID-19 pandemic raises concerns globally, we’re committed to keeping our employees healthy and safe. You can find out how we’re doing our part by clicking here.

We’re encouraged by the amount of support & collaboration between communities and we truly believe that we will all come out of this stronger than ever. And when we do, your events and membership demand will be at its peak!

Membee Complete isn’t just any website. The purpose of your website is different than a website selling a product or service. Membee Complete builds a membership website, designed and tailored to best serve organizations for like-minded members who come together for a specialized benefit. 

Membee Complete focuses on website functionality that increases membership retention, completes your membership life cycle, and allows you to focus on your members. Let’s look at the most common features used in Membee Complete.

Highlight & Promote Your Event

One of the most common methods across our client organizations is to promote an event, conference, or annual meeting in the navigation menu to increase the event’s visibility, reaching members and non-members. With this feature, you can:

  • Highlight a new event once an event has passed
  • Promote multiple events at once
  • Fully automate your event registration process with Membee including communication, payments, tracking registrations, etc

As you can see below, the Canadian Federation of Apartment Associations practices this feature by highlighting their upcoming Rental Housing Conference, allowing visitors to easily navigate to the event details and register. 

Secured Members Only Content

The importance of securing member resources has seen an increase in demand over the years and it’s become a major member benefit. All Membee Complete clients secure their member-only resources such as publications, newsletters, directory, and more!

With the Members Only content functionality in Membee Complete, you can:

  • Easily manage your content and make it secured in one-click
  • Only members with an activated login via Membee can access the content
  • Non-members would be prompted to login
  • Delinquent members who are cancelled with a deactivated login cannot access the content

Below, the Interventional Radiology Society of Australasia secures a number of services of resources that are only accessible to members with a valid login. The possibilities are endless, you can secure as many pages as you need! 

For more information about securing content with Membee’s Login, click here to learn more!

Flexibility For Additional Features

Sometimes, there are specific additional features that you may need such as a job board, or an ad rotation, or bilingual features. With Membee Complete, you’re not stuck with what you have!

The beauty of Membee Complete is that you have the flexibility to implement additional features. At an additional cost, our Membee team can set up your additional features and ensure that it performs properly on your site!

Below, the Canadian Rental Association utilized the add-on option and fully implement a bilingual functionality on their site.

You can find a full list of Membee Complete’s add-ons by clicking here to learn more!

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