Capture Webinar Registrations & Fully Automate Webinar Access Information

Streamline your webinar registrations by using Membee to gather your registrant’s information and continue tracking member participation while fully automating the communication process by sending direct webinar links and reminders!

With the reality of our current situation as a result of COVID-19, how organizations and businesses handle their operations are changing. Many organizations have adapted to staying connected by using webinars and meeting programs to minimize the impact of COVID-19 for their staff and members. 

As an example, the Hive Association was affected by the disruption and was no longer able to host their Social Media Marketing event. However, they decided to continue their event and stay connected to their members by hosting the event through an online webinar!

As you host virtual meetings, webinars, and online events or conferences with a third-party webinar program, Membee streamlines the registration process so that you can continue to capture membership participation. In times of disruption like this, staying connected with your members is more important now than ever!

The Four-Step Workflow

By utilizing an existing webinar software to operate your webinars or meetings, you can easily capture registrations from within Membee. Here’s an overview of the process:

  1. Create your meeting/webinar in a third-party webinar software
  2. Copy the URL for participants to directly access the webinar/meeting on the day-of
  3. Set up an event in Membee to collect registrations
  4. Edit the Sales Confirmation email for this event and include the direct URL into the body of the email
    • This way, when participants register, they will receive an email and the email will include the meeting URL to use on the day-of

Easily Capture Webinar Registrations

To capture webinar registrations, you would set up an event registration as you normally would! While everything may be disrupted, it’s a relief when there’s a constant in your process that is unchanged.

Using Membee’s event capabilities, you can do the following:

  • Member-only pricing: you can offer free registration to members only to display the benefits of being a member of your organization
  • Non-member pricing: offer registrations to the public at a fee. Non-members can become a member to register for webinars at no charge
  • Send a direct webinar link to the registrant after their registration is completed
  • Automate reminder emails 24 hours, 1 hour, or anytime before the webinar
  • Continue to track member participation and non-member participation in Membee

Offer Member & Non-Member Webinar Pricing

Member and non-member pricing is a very common feature in Membee’s events that adds value to your memberships.

In our example with The Hive Association, members can register for webinars at no charge. As a benefit of being a member, webinar registrations are included in their membership fee. As you can see below, a member would need to login to register for free. 

However, non-members would need to register for webinars at a fee or become a member to take advantage of the free webinars! You can include a direct link to your membership application in the webinar description for non-members to become a new member immediately!

Automatically Send a Direct Webinar Link

When a member or non-member completes their webinar registration, Membee can automatically send them a link to access the webinar when the webinar begins. 

As always, we recommend editing the Sales Confirmation email template to be more personal. Simply copy the direct link to your webinar in your webinar program and enter the webinar information into the Sales Confirmation email. By doing so, the webinar information will be delivered automatically to the registrant.

For example, a member of The Hive Association, John Drone, registered for the Social Media Marketing webinar. Below is a copy of the email he received automatically

Automatically Send Reminder Emails To Registrants

It’s common to remind registrants 24 hours before or 1 hour before a webinar to increase your webinar participation! In Membee, you can easily set up event-specific automated reminders so you don’t need to do anything 24 hours before the webinar!

Not only can you send automated reminder emails, you can send post-event communication to thank your registrants.

As seen below, the following email was sent to John 24 hours before the webinar!

We’re Here To Help!

For additional resources to set up your webinar registrations, click the following links below (login required):

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at or create a new support ticket with us!

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Heike Albrecht

Hi -very timely information – thank you! I was wondering how to get the links to registrants. However, isn’t the link the same for every registrant – how can it be unique when you paste the link into the email template?