Increase Member Engagement With Membee’s Member Profile

Stay connected with your members by giving them the opportunity to manage their own profile information. With Membee’s member profile, you can increase your member engagement, improve your workflow, and get more value at a lower price like Lac La Biche Chamber of Commerce!

In recent months, we have all experienced the urgency to shift our normal practices to be completely digital. Communication efforts across all organizations have primarily focused on keeping members and non-members informed through their website. During these pressing times, your website is the one-stop location for member engagement and news, more than ever before.

In what was a time where nobody had control over a pandemic, it’s time to give your members one thing they can have control over – their profile personal information! 

Let Your Members Have Control Over Their Profile

With Membee, your members have the ability to login and edit their profile information easily whether on their computer or their mobile devices. 

There are many benefits to providing members with the opportunity to manage their own profile information. The most common benefits are:

  • Members can manage everything – what address is used, their financial history, edit their directory listing, their company information, and more
  • Members trust your organization more when they can control what information they are providing you 
  • Less administrative work for staff to make manual changes for members
  • Your staff stay informed of changes made by your members

To read more about how the member profile is displayed on your site on a previous blog below.

Membee’s Member Profile Is Proven to Increase Member Engagement

Lac La Biche Chamber of Commerce recently implemented Membee during the pandemic. However, this didn’t stop them from moving in the right direction! 

The Chamber found that Membee’s profile feature returned the most value. Karen from Lac La Biche Chamber shared that members were expressing that they were happy with the opportunity to manage and make changes to their profile information and as a result, are making updates more often than before.

“It allows the member to go in and they can do anything. Sending out their login information and everything has been a fabulous experience. They (Members) have been making updates more often. I find that members are very happy about being able to do that – I’ve had discussions with members and they just love the fact that they can upload their images, logos, etc, where before they were just a listing”

Karen, Lac La Biche Chamber of Commerce

Staying Informed of Member Updates

Although your members have control of their information, Membee keeps you in the loop! Membee does this by:

  • Sending you an email notification if changes are made. You can control how often Membee checks and sends you an email notification such as every 4 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, or every week – you call the shots
  • Keeping all profile updates tracked on the member’s record. For example, as seen below, Bee Innovations changed added 2 new contacts and updated their city. This information is tracked on their member record.

Karen found that staying informed of the changes are beneficial to her workflow, allowing her to provide quality assistance to their members and stay connected with them.

“Every time somebody updates something, I get notifications which is really helpful to me because then if there are any issues, then I can go help the member, I know that they’ve done. That’s huge – I never got anything like that with our previous system.” 

Karen, Lac La Biche Chamber of Commerce

Membee Provides More Value at a Lower Price

Lac La Biche expressed that Membee was able to provide a higher value at a lower price compared to their previous system and suggested that other Chambers & Associations looking to use Membee should: 

“Do the demo and ask questions! I had all my questions answered easily and quickly so it was a no brainer for me. The price point of Membee vs what we were using was one third and the value for what we get is amazing!”

Karen, Lac La Biche Chamber of Commerce

About the Lac La Biche Chamber of Commerce

The Lac La Biche & District Chamber of Commerce will be a unified business organization promoting a healthy economy and prosperous community. The Lac La Biche & District Chamber of Commerce will support and lead the business community with advocacy, being a resource service center, and being ambassadors. 

To visit their Website, Facebook, or Twitter, click the icons below!

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

If you have any questions regarding Membee’s Online Member Profile or if you would like to share your story with us for a chance to be featured in a blog, please contact Membee support staff at

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