Attendees of Membee’s Membership Retention Webinar Rated An Overall Satisfaction of 85%

Membee’s Membership Retention webinar was an overall success! With Membee’s helpful resources such as direct links to features in the help guide, a recap of all Q&A’s in the webinar, and a webinar replay, our attendees found the webinar informative and left with a better understanding of the best practices for membership retention.

On June 10, 2020, Membee presented a live webinar to share the best practices of membership retention. With two sessions, one at 1:00 PM EDT and one at 7:00 PM EDT, our clients from North America, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe were able to attend. Best of all – both sessions were completely sold out!

All attendees received a post-webinar survey for a chance to share their feedback with our client services team and the average satisfaction rating was 85%!

Attendees Received Helpful Follow-Up Resources

With every webinar, Membee provides a number of resources for attendees who tune into the webinar. Attendees receive the following resources:

  • A replay of the webinar
  • Direct links to our help center for features we cover
  • An exclusive recap of all questions and answers asked within the Webinar

We provide these resources as they are rated the highest level of importance for our attendees so that they can implement the information presented in the webinar.

As a result, 80% of the webinar attendees found that the webinar was helpful and informative from the presentation and the additional resources.

A Few Words From Our Attendees

We received a few words from our attendees who shared their experience with Membee’s Membership Retention Webinar.

I found the Member Retention webinar to be very informative … it provided helpful tips for the Membee features that I am currently using. Plus, the webinar highlighted a few Membee resources that I am not yet utilizing … but will definitely be checking out soon to learn more about.

Lisa, Florida Air Conditioning Contractors Professional Alliance

Easy to listen to follow webinar that gives helpful tips to anyone using Membee. Whether your a “newbee” or have been using for years.

Julie, Wisconsin Housing Alliance

The Membee team is second to none. They are experts in their field and always helpful. The webinars are helpful if you want to use your Membee subscription to its full potential. As a company that has Membee Complete, we are finding our website experience to be so much more streamlined.

Ashley, Brantford Brant Chamber of Commerce

Missed Out? Watch the Replay

In this webinar, we took a deeper dive into four best practices for membership retention! Key points of the best practices include:

  1. Stressing Your Benefits: drive awareness for the major benefits of your membership so that members can see the value of renewing and what they would miss out on if they do not renew
  2. Making Renewal Easy: the easier it is, the more likely members will renew. With Membee, your members can easily renew and you can minimize the administrative upkeep for your staff
  3. Rewarding Members for Renewing: incentives can encourage members to renew, which increases the value of your membership
  4. Offer Participation Opportunities: members who are more involved and participate in your organization’s events are more likely to stay members when it’s time to renew. Promote your events in multiple areas while reaching out to non participating members for a chance to stay connected with them

If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, you can watch a replay of the Membership Retention Webinar by visiting our Help From The Hive resource center below:

Click Here To Replay the Webinar (Membee Login Required)

Why You Should Attend Membee’s Webinar

Membee’s quarterly webinars are a great learning opportunity for existing Membee. Membee users can learn how Membee’s features help them become better organizations, internally and externally! 

By attending Membee’s webinars:

  • You can implement the best practices to improve your administrative workflow and membership effectiveness
  • Take advantage of an exclusive learning opportunity
  • Receive insider knowledge directly from our team
  • Ask questions and receive live answers from our client services team
  • Interact and connect with other users through the built-in chat
  • Leave with a refreshed confidence that leads to success

Join Us At The Next Webinar & Stay Informed

Our next webinar is on September 16, 2020, covering how you can acquire new members with Membee! 

To get advance notice when registrations open, join the Users Group Facebook (hosted by Membee users), or follow and subscribe to our announcements. Click the links below to join and subscribe.

If you have any questions or if you would like to share your story with us for a chance to be featured in a blog, please contact Membee support staff at

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