Approve or Reject New Memberships In a Streamlined Workflow

Do you review your new membership submissions before the applicant becomes a member? Membee’s vetting process allows you to easily approve or reject memberships in a streamlined way to improve your administrative workflow.

Membee has numerous client organizations with a mandatory vetting process due to strict specifications or regulation requirements for memberships. Before the applicant can become a new member, the staff or board members need to review the submission and decide if the applicant should be approved or rejected. 

For example, The Bee Keepers Association may require proof of a Beekeeping Certification before the applicant can become a full-fledged member. Depending on the decision from the staff or board, Membee makes it easy for the staff to initiate the process to approve or reject the membership application.

One-Click to Enable Membership Approval For Specific Application Forms 

Do you only have some memberships that need to be vetted? Not a problem! You can enable the membership approval process for the signup forms that require your review. 

A typical example of this is when individual members can be approved automatically, but corporate memberships need to provide references for review before becoming a full-fledged member with additional membership benefits.

With one click, you can enable the corporate membership applications to require membership approval, as you can see below.

Keep Your Members Informed Of The Process

When the application is received, you can fully customize the email communication sent to the applicants. Maintain your relationship with the potential new member by customizing your messaging. 

The best practice is to keep your potential new member informed of your vetting process and when they can expect a response from you. Below is a sample email of what the new member receives when they submit their application.

Initiate The Approval or Rejection Process In One Link

When your staff or board has reviewed the application and decided to approve or reject the application, you can easily proceed with the process by clicking a single link on the member’s record.

Seen below are the options to accept the membership or reject the membership submission when you visit a pending application.

How Membee Completes The WorkFlow For You

When you initiate the process to approve or reject an application, Membee will automatically complete specific tasks for you while giving you the opportunity to send the corresponding emails. Membee completes the process for you by:

If You Approve Memberships:If You Reject Memberships:
– Membee will automatically post the invoice and apply the payment (if applicable)

-Membee will automatically set up the membership billing for you

– Membee will ask what status should be set

– Membee will give you the opportunity to activate and send the member login
– Membee will provide the opportunity to refund any payments received

– You can review & send an email to the applicant to notify them that they were not accepted

– Automatically write-off any invoices that were created from the application

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

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