Offer Exclusive Event Pricing to Specific Members In Less Than a Minute

Start offering special event pricing to members in a specific membership level or to members who are in a specific category or parameter. With Membee’s special event pricing, you can effectively display the different event benefits of each membership type and pull members into new membership opportunities.

Let’s say that you have three different membership levels:

  • Bronze Members
  • Silver Members
  • Gold Members

Your Gold members may receive extra benefits than Bronze members – one of these benefits are heavily discounted event registrations. 

While your Gold members may register for events at a lower fee than the other membership levels, here’s the question:

How do you ensure that only Gold members can take advantage of the discounted event registration?

Secure It In 7 Clicks!

In your event settings, you can easily set an item to only be purchasable by a subset of members based on the status or a specific custom parameter. 

As you can see below, in 7 clicks, the Gold Event Registration is secured to only members with the “Gold Member” status.

So What Does It Look Like To The Public?

In order for Membee to identify which membership level a specific member has before registering, login would be required. This also ensures that non-members cannot purchase the special event pricing intended for members.

Seen below is the public view of an upcoming conference to a non-member. The Bronze, Silver, and Gold registrations require login while the Non-Member registration can be purchased by anyone at a higher price.

When the Gold member is logged in, the “Login” links change to show the quantity for qualifying event items and “No Access” for other items that require a specific status (i.e. Bronze Members):

Display Membership Upgrade Opportunities

While your Bronze or Silver members wouldn’t be able to register at the discounted Gold member price, they might be encouraged to upgrade to take advantage of this member benefit.

When the member selects “No Access” in an attempt to purchase the registration or learn more about how to gain access, a customizable message displays. Use this opportunity to point them in the right direction to upgrade their membership!

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

Visit the link below to learn more about setting up special event pricing:

Set up an event that offered different prices depending on membership level

If you have any questions or if you would like to share your story with us for a chance to be featured in a blog, please contact Membee support staff at

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