Grow Your Membership & Connect With Your Lapsed Members

Membee’s unlimited database allows you to keep your lapsed member records and their information in your system. Take advantage of your history with these lapsed members and offer a membership promotion that they just can’t turn down!

When we think of new membership revenue, it’s common to expect brand-new memberships that you’ve never had connections with before. That’s great, but what about leveraging past members that you have a history with? These connections could be more fruitful than you think!

Keeping Your Lapsed Member Records

With Membee, you can store unlimited data records, we don’t limit your growth as you gather more and more people or company records. If a member is cancelled or expired, you keep their record in your database so you maintain their history with your organization and potentially reach out to them again.

In the example below, the company “Bumble Bee” was cancelled because their payment for membership was never received. Membee still keeps their record but indicates that they’re dropped with the status.

Gathering a List of Lapsed Members

As you continue to keep the lapsed member records in your database, you can generate reports in Membee to gather a list of all total lapsed members who have dropped or lapsed members within a specific time frame.

You can gather a list of lapsed members using the “Dropped Members” report with any of these customizable filters (click here for help instructions):

  1. Status of the lapsed members in your database as of today
    • For example, if lapsed members are given the dropped member status, you would select this status
  2. The drop date range you’re looking for
    • For example, if you’re looking for lapsed members within the last year, you can set a date range
    • If you want all possible dropped members, you can leave the date range empty

Set Up a Discount For Lapsed Members

The main goal is to have the lapsed member rejoin your membership. As they have been members previously, a tangible incentive could just tip them over the edge towards rejoining. 

There are a couple of incentives you can offer to your lapsed members:

These incentives will encourage the lapsed member to rejoin and use your member benefits once again

What To Include In Your Email (Sample Email Included)

With Membee, you can send an ad-hoc email to all lapsed members on your Dropped Members list by using Membee’s email feature. It’s important to include the following in your email:

  • Major member benefits
  • The promotional code to use
  • A link to the application form to sign up and redeem the code

Sample of the Email

Hi {FirstName},

We hope you have been staying well and taking care. 

We’d first like to thank you for your support with {SystemOrgName} when you were a member in recent years. It is our pleasure to offer an exclusive 20% discount off to you for membership. It would be a pleasure to partner with you once again! 

To redeem this exclusive offer, you can sign up for membership by clicking here <<hyperlink the URL to your application form>>

Together with you, {SystemOrgName} is the voice of our profession. We are the leading voice, overseeing current and effective professional standards that provide direct professional development to our global memberships.

With your partnership, you have access to our growing benefits such as:

  • Generous affinity & discounts programs
  • Members-only event pricing
  • Secured member-only publications on our website
  • Exclusive promotion in our member directory
  • Click here to view all other benefits with your membership <<hyperlink the URL to your benefits located on your website>>

We hope that as we continue to represent our profession, you can continue to partner with us. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if there’s anything we can assist with.

Kind regards,


<<Insert Your Logo>>

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

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