Styling Your Membee Widgets to Augment Your Website Branding

Stay on brand when using Membee’s widgets on your website with styling options. All of Membee’s widgets provide the flexibility for you to fully customize the widget styles to stay consistent with your website branding.

It’s simple, your website is the one-stop place for all visitors, whether non-members or members. Keeping your brand colours consistent on your website can build up your brand image, which is the public’s perception of your brand.

What Features Can You Style?

Membee’s front-facing features, called widgets, are embedded on your website so that visitors can:

  • Sign up to your organization (adding people or organizations widget)
  • Sign up for events (events widget)
  • View and search in a member directory (directory widget)
  • Login and view their own member profile (profile widget)
  • View online bills and pay (eBilling widget)
  • Login to members-only content (login widget)
  • See auto-populated event or directory feeds (feeds)

These widgets can be fully styled to incorporate your branding colours and fonts so that the front-facing features are seamlessly integrated into your website.

Custom Styling Options

All of the front-facing features embedded into your website can be styled to augment your branding. Each widget has the ability to be styled within Membee, with basic styling options such as:

  • Font style
  • Font & link colours
  • Background colour
  • Any advanced styling options for CSS code

Real Examples of Widget Styles

The login widget is one of the most used widgets – it’s like the start of the day for your members, welcoming them to your website. To illustrate the different flexibility of the widgets, below are examples of the login widget styled to match different brands.

Default Login Style

This is the default login style that you will see on your website without customizing any of the styling options.

You have control over the font type, colour, button colour and text, social media icon styles, etc

Guelph Chamber of Commerce’s
Custom Login Style

This login style is custom styled by Guelph Chamber of Commerce, a long-term Membee client.

Guelph Chamber has customized the styling of all its Membee widgets on its website to augment its branding including the event widget, directory widget, sign-up forms, etc.

Membee Complete
Website Design Styling

This login style has been designed to match the branding on Membee Complete’s Website Design #1.

No matter what your branding is, Membee’s widgets can be customized to stay on brand

How Do I Get Started?

To start, you can navigate to each of your widget settings in Membee to customize the “Style” section. Our client services team would be happy to help provide some guidance if you need it!

For any additional CSS to input advanced styles, you can always consult with your web developer to help you ensure that your widgets stay consistent with your brand.

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

For more detailed instructions, visit the links below (Membee login required):

If you would like to share your story with Membee or have further questions, contact us at! 

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