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Wisconsin Housing Alliance (WHA) shares how Membee Complete made their life easier with its user-friendly content management. The wide-range of flexibility that Membee Complete offers provided WHA with the opportunity to be innovative with their digital marketing strategies!

“If you have not worked with a website ever but you can do (Microsoft) Word – you can do Membee Complete”

Angie, Wisconsin Housing Alliance

Our team at Membee understands how volunteers and staff with non-profit organizations can become the ‘jack of all trades’, engaging in areas that they may never have before. Even more now when we’re in a new normal, transitioning to more digital strategies, one of these areas include website content management. Membee Complete is perfect and user-friendly for people from all walks of life from no experience to professional experience.

Website Features That Wisconsin Housing Alliance Can’t Get Enough Of

Who loves when things are easy? We do, Wisconsin Housing Alliance does, and we hope you do too!

Below are six features that the Wisconsin Housing Alliances loves about Membee Complete:

  1. Comparable price, perfect for an association’s budget
  2. Professional design but easy to put together
  3. Linked seamlessly with membership features
  4. Simple drag and drop features
  5. Ability to layout a page and do it quickly
  6. Extensive features

“Drag and drop boxes – being able to layout a page, reorganize your page, you can do that really quickly. Having different options of boxes, widgets, or rotating pictures – I love being able to experiment, try out different things, and make it fun and inviting for people. The layout works on both tablet or mobile, it looks very nice that way.”

Angie, Wisconsin Housing Alliance

A Sustainable & Innovative Step Towards Digital Strategies

This year, the Wisconsin Housing Alliance wasn’t able to have their annual conference due to covid where they normally invite exhibitors. 

A Preview of a Virtual Exhibit Booth Page

In order to stay sustainable, they took an innovative approach and created virtual exhibit booths which were custom pages for each exhibitor. This included:

  1. The exhibitor providing the content to Wisconsin Housing Alliance
  2. Angie would lay out a page for the exhibitor
  3. The exhibitor was sent their virtual exhibit booth page

“Membee Complete made it so easy to do that and it hardly took any time to make each page because it was just dropping content into boxes, putting links in, it was just so seamless. Our vendors were very impressed, they were like ‘wow that must have taken you a long time’ and I said no, it didn’t actually!”

Angie, Wisconsin Housing Alliance

We Take Care Of Your Site Needs

Sometimes, it might seem easier to host a website on your own, but it might not be as easy as you think. 

Wisconsin Housing Alliance originally hosted their website by themselves, taking care of it and managing the site security on their own – and in truth, “taking care of it all on your own is hard”, said Angie.

“Definitely get Membee Complete – it makes our life easier. Not only from the standpoint of being able to do the website content, but if something’s wrong where your website is having issues or goes down, Membee takes care of all of that,  lets you know what’s happening, and the process.”

Angie, Wisconsin Housing Alliance

About Wisconsin Housing Alliance

The Wisconsin Housing Alliance is dedicated to representing the factory-built housing industry in Wisconsin. Founded in 1949, WHA members include retailers, manufacturers, community owners, finance companies, and more.  Our goal is attainable homeownership for all!

To visit their Website, Facebook, or Twitter, click the icons below!

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