The All-In-One Solution for Small Organizations With Growing Memberships

BILD Calgary shares their experience of how Membee Complete’s all-in-one solution was able to meet their various needs: a seamless website integration with top-notch support, more benefits that outweigh the cost, and better brand representation.

BILD Calgary’s Membee Complete Website

Got a small team and no web developer? Don’t have the human resources or the capital outlay to create a brand new website? If you’re reading this thinking “that sounds like us”, then you’ll have to hear BILD Calgary’s experience with Membee Complete.

We’ve had the same website for a really long time – it was really outdated. We haven’t had anyone at BILD Calgary that had the time or capacity to put work into the site.”

Alexa, BILD Calgary

More Functionality For Your Members

The majority of organizations that use Membee are volunteer-driven or have minimal staff, much like BILD Calgary. Even with a small team, you may serve a large membership base and don’t have the time or financial resources to build a new website.

That’s what Membee Complete is here for. We’re here to meet the needs of organizations that have a small team but serve a large membership base by:

  • Providing a membership system
  • Building a new website for your organization
  • Setting up a seamless integration between the membership system and your website
  • Providing a ton of easy-to-use website and membership features in one process

“It’s awesome for a small business like us, we don’t have a lot of employees, but we have a lot of members. When something is easy and allows us to offer more functionality for members, it makes our day. (Membee Complete) is a straightforward process, it gives us so much more functionality. We can change anything we want, everything just works.”

Alexa, BILD Calgary

The Benefits Outweigh The Cost

As BILD Calgary was an existing client of Membee, they upgraded their subscription to Membee Complete after a custom-tailored demo to evaluate if Membee Complete was the right option for them.

After deciding to proceed with Membee Complete and upgrading, Alexa shares that no matter the cost, small or large, the benefits will win over the costs and encourages others to see the value of Membee Complete. 

“It wasn’t a huge monthly cost on top of our existing Membee subscription… It was worth it for us because it improved our brand management and it took the weight off our shoulders… I really encourage other businesses to look at the benefits versus the costs because it will outweigh it every time”

Alexa, BILD Calgary
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Augment Your Brand Image

Your website should accurately and confidently represent your organization’s brand – it reflects your organization’s credibility and what you stand for as a whole. 

With Membee Complete, you have the ability to customize your website to best represent your brand image and identity. 

Much like BILD Calgary, they were able to fully augment their branding into the new website – allowing them to show off their website with confidence and provide a user-friendly experience for their members! 

“Our biggest problem was our brand representation on our site. Because it hadn’t been updated in a while… we really struggled with our brand image and it didn’t look current. Now, we’re able to confidently show our website, say that we’re well respected, and it’s easy for our members to navigate. Our members really like the blog, it shows chronologically and people really like that.” 

Alexa, BILD Calgary

A Seamless Integration & Friendly Support

What’s a membership website without any membership features – it wouldn’t provide much value to your members. 

Our Membee team will seamlessly integrate your membership database to your website, which offers a number of features that your members can use right from your website:

  • Sign up forms to become a new member
  • Online member profile to manage their own profile information
  • View and register for event
  • Search for others in a directory listing
  • Pay for their membership renewal online

On top of that, Alexa from BILD Calgary shares how Membee’s support has been a key feature, allowing them to reach out about their website and their membership data while receiving prompt responses to resolve their inquiries.

“For starters, the best feature is that it integrates with a membership system. It’s nice for a member-based organization for all our forms to submit to one place, we’re able to post events and it populates on our site. It cuts out the middleman. We appreciate the support, it’s been amazing.”

Alexa, BILD Calgary

About BILD Calgary

BILD Calgary Logo

BILD Calgary Region is the respected voice of the building industry. We work closely with various levels of government and stakeholder groups to ensure vibrant, established neighborhoods and new communities in our region – now, and in the future.

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