Add or Remove Contacts or Employers in a Streamlined Workflow

Membee’s robust system is home for individual and company/family memberships that have contact or employer relationships. Seamlessly add contacts or employers in a streamlined workflow to save you time while maintaining reliable data.

Whether you have company members with contacts, or maybe individual members and you track their employer, we know that organizational structure changes. These changes could include a new contact, new employer, etc. Although your members can always make these changes through the online member profile at their convenience, we know that there will be times where you might need to make some changes for them.

Save Time By Setting the Default Settings

So how does Membee really save you time in this process? Well, there is a contact form and an employer form that’s used to add the record. In each form, you can set the default settings.

Think of the default settings as the cookie-cutter for every record, when you use the form, the exact same settings will be used each and every time.

For example, if all contacts should be able to set up their own login, you can set the contact form to activate the new contact and send an email to them to set up their password. 

However, in the case that you’re adding records that are anomalies and the default settings don’t work, you can customize the settings on the fly when you use the form, as you see below.

As Easy As 3 Steps to Add a Contact or Employer

It really can be that simple, depending if the contact or employer already exists in your database, it can be as simple as three quick steps.

Below is an overview of the steps if the contact or employer has or doesn’t have an existing record.

They have an existing recordThey do not exist yet
1. Click the option to “Add a Contact” or “Add an Employer”
2. Type in the name and select the existing record
3. Review the information and save the record
1. Click the option to “Add a Contact” or “Add an Employer”
2. Choose the option to add a new contact or company
3. Enter the contact or employer’s information
4. Save the record
Watch a Preview of the 3 Steps

Search With a Name or Email to Prevent Duplicates

When you’re adding a record in Membee, you can start by typing in the name or email of the person or company/family. This allows you to:

  • See if the record already exists to prevent you from creating another one
  • Save you time from entering the information all over again if they exist
  • You can search by name or by email
  • Minimizes any confusion – you know exactly if you’re adding a new completely record or selecting an existing one

In the example below, If I’m looking to add a new contact such as “Patrick Bee”, I can start typing in Patrick’s name and all matching search results will appear. If it’s the right Patrick Bee, I can choose the existing record. Not the right Patrick Bee? No fret – just add a new person! 

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

For more detailed instructions, visit the links below (Membee login required):

If you would like to share your story with Membee or have further questions, contact us at!

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