Offer Bilingual Membership Capabilities on Your Website

Bilingual capabilities are a standard requirement for our national Canadian and US clients. Membee’s features can be presented bilingually on your website to best meet the needs of your members.

To start, Membee integrates with your website by embedded widgets to the page. These widgets can present bilingual text in two different methodologies. The best solution is a combination of these two approaches. As we dive into these options, we’ll provide you with samples further down to see it for yourself!

Static Control Keeps The Text Fixed

The first approach is the static text control. This is where section names, instructional text, event descriptions, etc, are entered manually by you in both languages – such as in “English / French” format. The text doesn’t change or switch between languages, it stays stagnant and fixed.

In the example below, the bilingual text is highlighted and you will notice that:

  • The section title and instructional text are displayed with the static approach
  • The English text displays first and the French text is displayed after
  • The different languages are separated with a forward slash (/)

Dynamic Control Allows You to Toggle Between Languages

The second approach is the dynamic text control. Specific field names, captions, financial formatting, etc, display based on the language selected via a toggle between the languages. The translations are built into Membee’s system, which allows for dynamic control. The visitor has the ability to toggle which language they want to view on the fly.

As seen in the video below, you will notice that in the directory widget:

  • The language toggle is located at the top right corner of the widget in “Français” or “English”
  • When toggled to French, all the text is displayed in French

Samples of Bilingual Capability in Membee’s Features

Below are links to sample Membee pages that illustrate the bilingual capabilities. To preview a feature, click the name of the feature linked below.

New Member Application Forms
Person Application Form
Organization Application Form
Member Renewal
Existing Member Renewal
All Outstanding Invoices
– Username:
– Password: bilingual@1
Member Online Profile
Online Member Profile
– Username:
– Password: bilingual@1
Single Event Page

Member Directory
Member Directory

Membee Complete Offers a Fully Bilingual Website Option

If a bilingual option is a requirement for your organization, why stop at Membee’s features? Go the extra mile and ensure your website is bilingual, allowing a dynamic toggle option.

By hosting your website with Membee Complete, we offer a bilingual add-on feature that allows your visitors to toggle between two languages. The bilingual feature makes it easy for you to manage your website content and website menus in either languages.

Sample Bilingual Website

When you navigate in the website, notice the following:

  • At the top left corner, select the English or French options to toggle the language of the full site
  • The number of menu items change, demonstrating the ability to have custom menus per language

Already Using Membee?

This add-on is only available to Membee Complete clients. If you’re interested in Membee Complete, contact us and we’ll start by providing a cost comparison of your current subscription and more details!

New To The Hive?

If you’re looking to implement Membee Complete, choose your design and complete the demo form in the button below to schedule a demo of Membee Complete.

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

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