A Look at Membee’s 2020 Support Performance & Statistics

In 2020, Membee’s Client Services team solved over 24,292 support tickets with an average 98% satisfaction rating, 6% higher than the industry average.

Our Client Support is an integral part of Membee’s success and as many of our users describe, it’s a key component to why they choose Membee over other systems. Because we value your questions, your feedback, your insight, and you – we want to share with you our support performance from 2020. 

As much of a wild ride 2020 was, Membee continued to receive a substantial number of tickets and requests with an average user satisfaction rating of 98%.

Membee Handles Your Support in a 4-Step Process

As the statistics show, Membee receives over 2000+ inquiries a month – the hive is a busy place! 

Our motto and priority is to provide the best and most accurate response for a sustainable future for you we’ll never jeopardize the quality of our support.

In a simple 4-step process, here’s how Membee handles your support while providing every ticket the opportunity to rate their experience with our team member:

Membee’s Support vs The Industry

To better understand how Membee stands within the Technology industry, Zendesk, Membee’s support software, provided the average numbers across the industry. Below is how Membee compares.

Take a Peek at Our Average Response Times

At any given time, you can send in a question to our Client Services Team and we’ll get back to you after looking into your inquiry. 

We actively report the average response times every 2 weeks so that you know what to expect for your newly submitted inquiry.

Average Response Times as of June 8, 2021
Click here to see the latest average response time

First Time Responded
(Ticket Created to First Response)
Time to Solved
(Ticket Created to Solved)
39 hours45 hours

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

For more detailed instructions, visit the links below (Membee login required):

If you would like to share your story with Membee or have further questions, contact us at support@membee.com!

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