Two Ways to Conveniently View Emails Sent by Membee

Wondering if that email was sent? There are a couple of ways to confirm if an email has been sent to your member or other users. Sent emails are tracked in Membee so that you can rely on the system and be confident that communication is sent as expected!

Have you ever wondered if an automation sent emails to your members or if a notification was sent to a user? You can fill your curiosity by taking a look at the history of emails that Membee sends!

Two Ways to Check

There are two ways that you can view the emails sent by Membee. Depending where you are, you can use either process that is most convenient for you.

  1. Use Membee’s Email Log
  2. View the member’s record

Let’s dive a little deeper into both options.

Find Emails in the Email Log

The email log is exactly what it sounds like – a complete history of all emails that are sent. 

There are three ways to search within the Email Log:

  1. By Date: search within a date range within a maximum duration of 31 days at a time
    (i.e. Jan 1, 2021 – Jan 31, 2021)
  2. Email Address: search for emails sent to a specific email address if you know the email address
  3. Email Address Domain: search for emails sent to a domain if you know the domain, but not the full email address

Find Sent Emails on a Record

When an email is sent to a person or organization, a copy of the email is entered as a note on their record automatically. The note history can be found on any record, in the “Activities” tab.

If you ever need to look back at any past communication with the person or organization, the notes are convenient for you to view the history with them. 

In the screenshot below, the three highlighted notes are copies of the email that was sent to the member.

What Type of Emails Does Membee Track?

If an email is sent automatically by Membee, you can guarantee that it’s tracked in the email log or on the record. Some of these emails include:

  • New member welcome emails (if enabled)
  • New login activations
  • Event confirmation emails
  • Payment confirmation emails
  • Renewal invoice emails
  • Charitable receipt emails
  • User notifications such as profile updates, automation notices
  • All emails sent by the automations
  • & more!

Membee’s always hard at work to ensure that you have your email history available to you so that you can be confident in the system!

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

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