Allow Cancelled Members to Reinstate Their Own Membership

Membee offers a streamlined process for members to reinstate themselves at their own convenience so that they can continue their membership from where they left off.

Across our client organizations, cancelled members can quickly request to return after they have expired – maybe they accidentally missed their renewal payment or they weren’t able to arrange payment in time. Regardless, it should be easy for members to return and continue where they left off. 

4 Setup Options to Choose From

There are different setup options that you can choose from that would best suit your membership structure:

  1. Allow cancelled members to reinstate themselves automatically
  2. Only allow cancelled members with specific drop reasons to reinstate themselves
  3. Cancelled members can request to be reinstated
  4. Do not allow cancelled members to reinstate themselves

How Members Can Reinstate Themselves

If you allow members to reinstate themselves (you enable either option 1, 2, or 3 detailed above), the reinstatement process can be initiated if the member logs in from your website.

Below is a demonstration of when Maria, a cancelled member, attempts to login. Maria meets the eligibility criteria to be reinstated and is given the option to reinstate her membership and the ability to pay for her unpaid membership.

Who is Eligible to be Reinstated?

An expired member is eligible to be reinstated if they meet all of the following requirements:

  • Status Type: currently has a Non-Member status
  • Membership Billing previously existed
  • Drop Date: has a set date
  • “Today” is either within the current period or within the next period (if already billed)
    • Depending when the member cancels, there is a specific opportunity window when they can be reinstated as seen below.

Member Cancels in the Current Period

If they cancel within the current membership period, the member can be reinstated before the last day of the period.

For example, the member’s last membership period date is December 31, 2021, but they cancel on July 26, 2021.

Below is a timeline to illustrate the reinstate opportunity window that they can be reinstated.

Member Cancels After the Next Period is Billed

Most of Membee’s users have renewal automation that will pre-bill membership renewals in advance.

When the next period is already billed, if the member cancels after this pre-billed invoice is created, they have the opportunity to reinstate their membership until the end of the next period.

For example, if an invoice is sent out on December 1, 2021, in advance for the Jan 1, 2022 renewal, but the member cancels on December 11, 2021.

Below is a timeline to illustrate the reinstate opportunity window that they can be reinstated.

These requirements are in place to ensure that the reinstating member returns with the most accurate and reliable data. Expired members that don’t meet the requirements (for example, expired years ago) shouldn’t be picking up from where they left off, but rejoining as new members.

What if the Member Doesn’t Meet the Eligible Period?

If the member just missed their eligible period, they will need to rejoin as new members.

This helps to keep your process automated and most importantly, keep your membership data as accurate as possible – you wouldn’t want expired members from years ago to pick up their membership from where they left off!

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

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