Collect & Store Additional Information From a List of Predetermined Values

Does your organization need to track important information about your members and non-members such as newsletter subscriptions or the region they cover? Not a problem! With Membee’s parameters, you can track and record additional information unique to your organization.

It’s very common for organizations to collect information about their members or nonmembers – Membee provides a powerful capability to seamlessly collect this information.

What are Parameters?

Parameters allow you to capture information using a predetermined list of values that can be applied to a record – you control what values are available. 

You can capture this information by manually applying it to a record or allowing members to select the value that applies to them at their own convenience

The Two Different Types of Parameters

Because Membee provides the rare capability to track both organizations (companies, families or clubs) and people as equal members, there are two types of parameters fields that you can utilize:

  1. Common Parameter Field: the parameter can track information for either organization (companies, families, or clubs) or individuals. For example, the “region” a member serves in
  2. Person Parameter Field: the parameter is only available on people records. For example, the “newsletter” that a person wants to subscribe to

Easily Setup Your Parameters

It’s easy to manage your list of parameters and their values. Membee’s powerful parameter feature allows you to:

  • Enable multiple values to be selected (eg. a member may be serve in more than one region)
  • Add an unlimited number of values to choose from
  • Reorder how the parameters display by default with simple drag and drop capabilities

Below is a preview of how to edit a parameter name, enable the multi-select, and how to reorder the values or parameters.

Applying Parameters to a Record In 3 Steps

There are times you may need to manually select a parameter value for a member or non-member record and that’s normal! 

In as little as 3 steps, you can apply the a value to a record internally:

Other Areas Where the Parameters Can Be Used

There are four different areas where the parameters can be handy and useful:

  1. New members can select the value that applies to them during sign up
  2. Existing members can select and update the parameter value through the online profile
  3. Directories can use parameters as a filter and find member listings
  4. Event registrations can be secured to only allow members with specific parameter values to purchase the event item
The “Regions Covered” parameter can be used as a search filter in the directory

Questions? Want to Share Your Story?

For more detailed instructions, visit the links below (Membee login required):

If you would like to share your story with Membee or have further questions, contact us at!

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